Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day's 111-115

   Hello world! We're back on line! We took a few (4) day break for R&R (readjustment and repairs). Bob & Casey got some good rest and we got a lot accomplished. We might not have gotten a lotta relaxing but we sure ate good! First off I should explain...we were staying with a fellow wagon traveler...John McComsey. John went from TN to Phoenix AZ. in 90 days. A phenominal accomplishment. He's also done numerous other trips. Our friend Bob Skelding (the wagon teamster) set up the stay for us. Thanks Bob. John was a great host. But he has pnuemonia...I mean he is really sick. And he is having trouble with the VA getting his antibiotics. So please hold this brother up in your prayers.
   John's house is easy to find. He has mules out front & lot'sa wagons. He has them stashed all various states of repair. It was great seein' and investigating them. Everyone has different ideas and John has some good ones.EVERY wagon of his has a shower. As will our next one! If we could just get'm away from them mules! Just teasin'...them mules step off a serious pace...30 miles a day! I'm sure he loves um...if it weren't for them ears...and that NOISE!
   Well here's what we got accomplished. Two new 8 ply tires in the rear of the wagon (lost the tread off the drivers side - inside)...front bakes bearing buddy for the trailer (lost it already)...we sank our sink drain hose straight out and gained ourselves another 5 gallons for our sink. We also spent two days dropping some wagon weight (100lbs we figure) and blessing some folks we hope. We also got rid of every box and bag in our storaged compartments. We have a hitch-hiker. Rickey rat- Mr. mouse, some lousey tag along with no manners. Eats without chippin' in and we won't even discuss his toilet manners! So we found a nest and eraticated his food hopefully he has went his own way.
   Ya gotta wonder how ya pick up one of these guys. I mean we are seldom in one place for more than a night. How do they catch us? Probably starts with the grain and hay behind us. Then a devious little path to the edge of the wagon & into the slightest of cracks...warmth...heat...FOOD...NESTING MATERIALS!!!. A new home!!! So we now have everything containerized and hopefully the pesty rodent is history.
   Bob & Casey were to amped today. Took a good 5 miles to get them settled in. TOOOOO much energy. So we walked them about 16 miles. We thought & pondered & rethought takin' hwy 22. A lotta folks recommended it to us instead of 79 to 45. But we finally decided to go 79-to 70- to 45. 70 will take us south of most of Jackson...Jackson being our biggest concern. Southern TN on hwy 22 still has a lotta hills according to the map. So we are going to try this. Maybe the right decision and maybe wrong....we sure have been wrong before! chuckle-chuckle!! Lotsa times!! So we are going on ahead and see if 70 helps. We are currently in Trezevant, TN. We hadda dusting of snow the other day...but that's gone. Weather said it was supposed to be in the 50's today...but the wind never stopped blowing long enuff to enjoy it. But we bundled up and made a day of it. Traffic was light and everyone pretty courteous.We even got an engineer walking between engines (while stopped of course! LOL), to ring his bell at us. Not the big blast horn...but this little ring-ring-ring bell.
   We are laid up next to a gas station tonight. We were hunting water and were assissted by a local police officer to a gas station just the other side of town. And they were good enuff to invite us in for the night. Thanks Regina. Well the horses are grained-watered-hayed- and have their coats on for the night. Getting down to 23 tonight and the horses didn't have enough time to cool down. It was near dark when we got here. Sorry we were gone so long...we'll see you on the road and remember...GOD is the God of miracles yesterday-today-and tomorrow. Pray with confidence that our Father loves us and can do all things!! Here's Punkin with prayer requests and Comments. Don't forget to write us...we love to here from you...and all donations/blessings are greatly appreciated.  
We met Jackie Pemberton.  He asks for prayer for continued health.  And his friend, Doug Askew, says he's all good and he can't complain about a thing.
Along the road we met Josh and Emily (newlyweds!!!) Emily asked for prayer for her sister who is going thru some tough stuff right now.
When we landed, a pair of cousins, Alan Ray and Jo Merrill, stopped to chat and take a few pictures.  They were in town for Alan's mom's funeral, so they both requested prayer for comfort for the family.
Marion...We're baaaaaack!!! Love ya :)
Rachel...We're good to go! Prayers for your health, and keep loving that family of yours!
Miss Lynn...Thank you and God bless.
Crickette...Thank you.  And yours over. Off we go!
That's it for tonight.  Sorry if we worried anyone by not blogging.  We'll do better!  On with the journey!!
God bless and good night!!


Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. Got a little worried. Checked everyday to see if you blogged. Glad to hear that everything is up and running and things are good.

Thank you so much for the prayers they mean a lot. I go to the doctor again Monday. Really praying for good news or at least some answers.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Terri said...

Good to hear ya'll are OK. I'm sure all your followers were worrying.

I wondered if you were staying with John McComsey when you said Bob S. had things set up.

Now about those mules....Most of us horse people don't get the mule idea, however, I bought a mule about 4 years ago and he is the best thing since sliced bread. I love a thinking critter and mules think! I imagine I will own more of them.

Glad you enjoyed your four days and it's great to hear you are moving again.

Keep up the good work and the blessing of so many!

crickette said...

Its good to see you back! I have missed the updates! Im praying you will be going into better weather soon! Praying for a safe trip!Take care and God bless you!