Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 117

Hello followers...what a great day that the LORD has made. It was in the 60's today, but very windy. Punkin hates the wind....but did I tell ya it was in the 60's? I love TN!!! Well today was a slow day...intentionally. Got some good advice from a seasoned wagon traveler that really resounded with me. I woke up with a slow down,,,it's winter...let the horses rest attitude. I guess what I am saying is don't expect great miles from us. We are focusing on shorter days and more on people than miles. Our objective was to get south and get away from the worst of winter & we believe we have done that.
   After this recent reassesment we will head once again to the back roads (lesser hwy's) once we have left TN. This western part of the state is better (a real under-statement) but the south of TN can still get some treacherous hills in the forests. So we will continue on Hwy 45 till we leave TN...probably. There's always the possibilty that the Lord will lead us some where else, and we want to stay open to that. We just don't meet many people on the major hwy's.
   Horses are well rested and want to trot (and run) too much lately. I just don't think that that can be good for a heavy horse on the asphalt...especially for our two who are on it A LOT. So today we did a lot of Whoa'ing. Starting and stopping. Took a few miles before Bob started responding to the verbal "walk" again.
   We did a dry camp last night (no water or electric). So the horses drank from their 35 gallon tank and we lived off our batteries. I think it actually warmed up over night so we stayed toasty. But it didn't stop Sugar-Ray from crying in the middle of the night until we let her on the bed. She is such a baby!
    We only traveled 4-5 miles today. We are meeting back up with the Horse-back For Hati team tomorrow. So since we are out in front of them we went to one of their prearranged places to meet them. Thier hosts (Rachel Johnson and her husband...I forgot his name...I'll have it tomorrow) were gracious enough to extend a welcome to us, so we can wait on them. They should be here tomorrow afternoon. Supposed to rain tonight & 60% chance tomorrow. Hope they stay dry. Bob & Casey get an off day and plenty of time to eat. And some for Punkin to bake...and time for me to get into the word & mink oil the leather (my boots and horse collars).
   We haven't had any television for a long time...we miss the news and weather. But we have 3 stations bouncing in and out. So maybe in 20 more miles we will have something.

 Prayers & Comments:

  • Please pray for our friend Bob and God's hand on the surgeon next Thursday.
  • My sister Denise and a physical healing in her life.
  • Both Deb's and my Mom. For God to restore my Moms vision. And for our Lord to have his hand on Deb's Mom and her heart problems. We need to keep these two young ladies healthy while we are out doin' the Lord's work.
  • For peace and comfort in our Son's heart in time of loss. And for God to restore his health.
  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit continue to reside in our home church and that those who don't have a relationship with our Lord & are searching to fill the emptiness in their hearts where God resides come through their doors.
  • please pray that GOD CONTINUES TO USE US, and that he uses us even more. That he leads us where we need to go. And that he puts in our path those he wishes us to minister too.
  • That Casey & Bob stay healthy and continue to grow in strength.
  • Please say a prayer for all the homeless children in our world.
  • Please pray for those who can not care for themselves, and a blessing for those who care for them.
  1.    Cheryl, It was nice to meet you to. We thank you & the animals thank you. Take good care of your brother, get um healed up..
  2. Joan, Hi right back at ya.
  3. Rachel, good deal and thank you.
  4. Cindy, GONE! (the hitchhiker) Thank you and HI to all. Buy anything? Maybe a spare Belgian for us??? Tell Johnny and Jason we sure do miss um.
   That's it for tonight. May the Lord bless and hold you and yours. May his face smile upon you. remember, only in Christ is there hope for the helpless and rest for the weary.Talk at ya'll soon. Good night.


Cindy Martin said...

Hello Deb and Mark,Sugar ray and Bear making it O.K. Jason said he picked out a team of 2 year old 17 hand mules that were Black in Harness at the sale,The mules sold for 4250.00 and Harness didn't sale.wish you guys could have tried them out.And no purchase was made except a few bags of candy from the amish. Its good...Praying for a safe

Rach said...

Glad to hear that all is good. I am so glad that the weather has been nice for you to travel in. It is strange that the weather has been nice for it being January. I am ok with it though.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

I will send you an e-mail and update you on how the doctors visit went.

Love always,
Rachel and Family