Saturday, January 28, 2012

Days 128 & 129

Hey!  A signal!!
   We are still here at Josh Young, and Deb's place. We have been here for a few days...I could tell ya because once again God rescued us and we woke up with a flat tire (another nail) and were in a perfect place to fix it...(TRUE) but the truth is...we are still here because I have been having a blast!
   Josh raises, trains, and shows Pleasure Quarter Horses. I am not sure exactly what he has won (too much info for me to retain), but I know he has placed second in Nationals at least once, and has won some 1st places at several shows. I'm sure I am not giving him all the credit he deserves. Because the things he does with a horse is magic. He does more with a horse with no reigns-bridle-bit than I could ever do astride a horse with all those things. I am just blown away. I feel like I have been getting my own private show for three days.
   I watched him work with a 2 year old today. Only the 3rd time saddled. No bucking- no craziness. I was stupefied. Not stupid like a lotta people refer to me as (chuckle-chuckle) just plum stupefied. And he is one of the most quiet unassuming men I have met. He truly has a talent given him by God. And a lot of good learning by his Dad...who got him started and also breeds-trains and shows. I sure enjoyed talking with him today too. Between Josh, his Dad, and Alex they board and train quite a few customer horses plus their own. I have just had a blast...learning so much. We will be sure to take some pictures in the morning for everyone.
   Bob & Casey have had a great stay, outside in a grass pasture, with lots of other horses. Little bit of bickering when the other horses first came out. Lots of screaming and kicking. Scared Punkin when they put out a real mad holler. She has never heard that from a horse before. Thank goodness for steel gate fences. But they all settled down eventually.
   The first night we were here Josh had Casey and Bob overnight in his riding arena. They have never been in such a large indoor space. And they ran & ran and ran some more. They would go back and forth between the outside gate (wanting out!) and the gate we were watching from. Heads up high, bouncing and running. We had great fun watching.
Today we also got to meet Josh's grandfather, Jimmy.
   Josh's fiance', Deb is studying to be an RN. And she stresses really tough on tests (like my Deb). And she has a big test on please everyone if you could remember her in your prayers Sunday & Monday that would be a great thing. Thanks in advance.
   But alas all good things have to come to an end. We are packed up and are rolling in the morning. Tomorrow is my Punkin's birthday. Please remember her in your prayers. Unfortunately there is not much I can do for her to make that day special out here on the road...except love. But that's not fact it is the most enjoyable thing I do in my life. I thank the Lord for having her...and being able to be part of her life.
   Do you guys remember John McComsey? He is the wagon traveler we stayed with who went from TN to AZ in 90 days. He is an outstanding man and it was a pleasure to meet him. His sister,Cheryl, has written us and John is in the hospital. He had pneumonia when we were there...and he has taken a turn for the worse. He also has some heart complication with it now. Please say a special prayer for John and his full recovery.
Rachel could use some stepped up prayer for a complete healing of ALL ailments.
Rachel...We're praying too! Thanks
Cheryl...Oh my!!  Prayers up for him!  Please keep us posted!  Does he have his phone?
Joan...Haha! Darn. Just trying to fit in. Love it here!!
Crickette...No email, but might find him.  He's sick right now but he's still all about his mules and wagons!
Cindy...That's no good!!  Hi to all!
We also got a call today from Wesley Allen.  You'll remember him from Kentucky.  Thanks for the call.  Was great to hear from you!
That's it for these two days!  Hopefully we'll have a signal again tomorrow!
Thanks for all your support!!  God bless and goodnight!


crickette said...

Heres prayers for all you meet! We wont be having church tomorrow because our pastor has strept throat! Asking for prayers for him. (Bob Messer) Also!

Cindy Martin said...

Hello, Sounds like you have been living a dream for a few days.He must have a lot of gifts for horses..Prayers and safe traveling tomorrow..what town are you guys in now.Jason got up late and drove his 4- wheeler most of the day.He had a fun day.
Please,I'm asking for prayers for the family of Sadie Smith who was in an accident and went to be with the LORD today,She was a senior at the Muhlenberg county High school.

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. I hope that you have safe travel tomorrow.

Happy Birthday early Deb. I hope that you have a great day.

I will say a special prayer for John. Keep me posted when you know more.

Thank you for the prayers they are very much so appreciated.

Well, I am off to bed. Got a headache and we were on the road. I am settled down now and have taken meds.

Thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Terri said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Deb! What a way to celebrate! This is a birthday you will always remember. On the road, in a wagon, doing the Lord's work. What a great day!

joan said...

Happy Birthday Deb!!! Sounds like you all have been having a great time. I have never heard a horse holler either. Stay safe out there. I used to say the St. Joseph of Cupertino prayer all the time when my daughter Emily was becoming an RN. It is a prayer you say before a test. Love, Joan

CLOE'S said...

Blessings to all who you have been praying so fervently for - I know GOD hears each prayer and HE will answer each one, although we may not be the one to hear it.
Happy Birthday to you DEB!! I am sure all the gifts in the world cannot replace this experience that GOD has set before you - and that is the greatest gift of all.
We pray you continue to travel safe.
Blessings and prayers - John & Judith

Shannon said...

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Deb...happy birthday to you!!! Hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow and may god bless you! If you were near the boys would bring you a cake! (Dawsen LOVES to cook)
Have a wonderful day!
The Lehews

meluginland said...

Happpppppy birthday!!!!!