Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 120

One hundred and twenty days on the road!God is amazing. I was looking at some pictures the other day that Deb had posted a while back from Day 6! That was amazing. Seems like such a short time ago, but  long time ago. When I think of day 6....what little we knew! But still we went and never doubted. God was with us, we knew only that. We have learned so much...and met so many. What a great ministry and what a great journey. We thank God for being with us and we thank Him for this wonderful opportunity. And we thank God we have met each one of you in our lives.
Things we have learned on this trip about God:


In big things and small things. Anything & everything.
So today we stayed at the church and got a few things done.  We had an unexpected expense.  Our little printer that gave out?  Couldn't be fixed.  It's hard to find a SMALL printer for the wagon but Bob from the church took Mark around and they found one. UGH!  Thank you Bob for all of your help.
The church people cooked supper for us again tonight!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...stuffed again!  Southern B-B-Q, beans, corn bread, yeast rolls, salad, dessert...too much!  Thanks to all of you at North Jackson Baptist Church.  We will keep you in our prayers!  Great folks!
We recieved a prayer request from our friend Tammy in Indiana!  Bob, that we have been praying for, had his surgery today and came out great.  While at the hospital, Tammy found Tonia.  Tonia has cancer and needs prayer.
Joan...Thanks :)
Terri...He does care for us all, doesn't He?  Thank you.
That's it.  We will travel through the city tomorrow and we'll talk with you when we get out the other side.  Soon, the girls will part from us down Hwy 18 on their way to Houston and we???  well, we'll journey on wherever the Lord takes us!  Locals say 18 is hilly and 2 lanes.  Not for us.  We'll pray and go.
God bless and good night!


meluginland said...

Jesse & I (and the girls) have sure enjoyed you being at church!! May God bless you in your travels! You are welcome at the church ANYTIME!!!
In HIS love,
Jesse, Jennifer, Jordan & Jozie Melugin

marion said...

How is the weather for you? It is 2 degrees here today. I hope you are staying warm. What is your final destination, or are you going to keep traveling until you return to us? Take care and God Bless you daily.