Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 107

   Good evening to all! I don't know what the temp was today...but it hadda be in the 60's. Does anyone feel like we are going to pay for all this dynamic weather eventually? Well we for one enjoyed it all the same! I slept out under the stars by the camp fire last night. Every star was bright and the camp fire warm. My dog bear was all in, stayed with me all evening until the I went in to say goodnight to Punkin and the ladies. When I went back out he gave me the okey-doke. Jumped out the door...I came out...he jumped right back in  and refused to come out. YOU PUNK!! My good and faithful dog abandoned me to the coyotes! Lucky for me Casey & Bob were right next to me.
   Fact is I woke up and probably groaned a bit (it's like that with old body's and sleepin' on the ground), checked the fire, and glanced up to See Bob and Casey standing at the fence staring down at me. And I do mean lookin' down! They look rather huge from that position. They hadda be wondering what got into me? chuckle-chuckle!! Finally I dosed back off and dreamed of gettin trampled the rest of the night. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...good times! Thanks to Connie, from Murry for bringing us vittles! KFC...yum!
   Well no 2 mile bridges (straight up & straight down) with airplanes stuck in the middle, today. In fact it was a day that was a little strange. Seemed like we worked really hard...but only got 13 miles. But it was an enjoyable day just the same. Casey was feeling good and having herself a day...the usual. Head right and but left. Pushing Bob over...not steppin' into her collar. Took a couple hills to straigten that attitude out. But basically she was full of it all day.
Sharon Seaton, for her Mom, Elise Bridge water, has Alzheimer's, please pray for restoration & Healing
Bill McCutheon, pray for the Lord to remember all the names and prayers on the prayer list at Oak Hill Union Church.
Tony Rushing, for his health
Please pray for Rachel and her continued health problems
Cricket, yes and thanks
Cowboy Bob, good luck with all that Brother...hope to see you back on the road soon.
Don, thanks for the great tip. I'll consult my navigator! And thanks for readin' and sticking with us.
Cindy, Cool and thanks. say hi to all.

That's it from Hwy 79. We are 5 miles out of Paris, TN. The city tomorrow and a parting of the ways for a while, with our saddle tramp friends. Sure are gonna miss um. Good night and God bless you and yours.



Cindy Martin said...

Hello travelers,Temp. got to 65 here today and windy. So nice with the help of our friend Boochie, we got 3 rolls of hay out for the mules. Big O.K. on the KFC I love that too. Jason is spending the night with a friend, and then Spencer is coming home with him for the night. I,m the campfire nut.. I don't think I've been camping if we don't have a campfire...Back to work tomorrow. Love and prayers for a safe trip. Good night all...

Rach said...

Sleeping under the stars is amazing done it many of times in my life. Glad all is well. Won't be on till later tomorrow not sure if I will get your blog till early Sunday morning. We have a funeral to go to tomorrow. Please pray for my family and their loss.

Hope that you all have a great day of travel tomorrow and all goes good.

Thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

crickette said...

Thank you for posting your location! My brother and I slept under the stars every night in Michigan, When the weather permitted. I love a campfire also! Just a few of Gods pleasures. The church I go to , only has 7 members and two of us are following your blog! God bless!

Jerry Jones said...

Hi. Glad to hear ya'll are ok. Tried to call a few times and didn't get an answer. We'd love to hear from you again. Safe travels and God bless.