Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Days 103

HI AGAIN!!!!  Day 103 brought us to Tennessee!!!  Bumpus Mills to be exact! We spent the previous night with an Amish family.  Aaron and Rachel Stoltzfus and their 4 boys.  They are great people!  They lost their 19 yr old in a farm accident this past fall and they said people have been so nice to them that they are giving some back!  Very, VERY nice family.  Thank you soo much!!  You know, they don't ask for prayer because their prayer is silent but I don't think God would mind if we prayed for them.  They also see death as the natural flow of life so they are pretty much at peace but a little more never hurts, I don't think.
We had NO signal last night! The light on the air card wouldn't even flash!!  So we're going to write one day at a time and hope it goes because we are connected at 0 % right now!  HILLS!!
And that was our introduction/welcome to Tennessee!  A hill that was maybe not so long but right straight up.  We didn't make it!  Those horses pulled as far as they could and more.  They still had pull in them but they couldn't get any traction!!  Each hit a knee at one point so we just stopped.  Of course by this time we were all the way across both lanes of traffic!!  BUT...outriders!!!  Brandy, riding point, rode up to a pick up and asked for a pull.  He agreed and we were saved!  Whew!! Rough!  So when we got safely into a gas station and greeted all the curious folks, we had an offer for the night!  Brandy rode with to check the roads and said there were some issues but thought we'd be ok.  We were.  This time it was a HUGE downhill!!!  With brakes floored the horses literally tip toed down that thing!!  This is scary stuff!!  We obviously got some info that wasn't what we meant.  We need to ask questions more clearly!! 
Anyway, at the end of the scary trail, we landed at the farm of Dale and Rita Swift.  More great folks!!  They took the girls in for the night because it was entirely too cold for tents!! As did the Stoltzfus'.
But, while we were at the gas station... regrouping, we did meet some nice folks!  We always do!
Frank Gibbs would like prayer for health and our safety.
Steven Wolf has some nerve damage that needs restoration.  He is unable to ride anymore.
Brady Mae Ross would like the Lord to give her an opportunity to testify!
Yvette needs prayer for better health
Dale Swift asks for prayer for this country. And we ask for blessings for their hospitality!
An anonomys man brought bales of hay and 2 bags of feed!
Holly Dill asks for prayer for her mother-in-law, Phyllis Dill.  Phillys had back surgery and came out worse than she went in.  They would need a healing so that no more procedures have to be done.
So, that's day 103.  We'll catch up today, tomorrow. 
Crickette...Thanks. He always knows best, doesn't He?
Mark...Those pack horses "step up to the buffet" every time we stop!  They are soooo funny!!
Cindy...Sounds like a GREAT time!!!  We have NO phone call signal at all.  Lucky to get texts to go!
Joan...Thanks! Love ya!
SMS...Much safer for all!! I think
Terri...Thank you soo much!  The ladies are great!
Ok.  That's all!  Keep in touch, we love your comments!  Keeps us in touch!
Good night and God bless!


Rach said...

Sent you guys an e-mail.

Glad to hear from you and that everything is going good.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

marion said...

Thankful you are in Tennessee. The church is praying for you and missing you. Sorry to hear about the hills and the difficulty of driving them, another thing we can pray for. I love hearing of our travels. Be of good health.

joan said...

Wow what steep hills. Poor Bob and Casey. I just love those horses of yours. I always think about you during the day and say a little prayer you are all safe.
Love, Joan

Cindy Martin said...

Keeping on checking on you all. Take care.