Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 124

Interesting day!  We started out a little late but that was ok.  Thank you again to the Coffman's.  For everything! 
Got through Henderson and then...WHAM!!!  Sideswiped!  This old guy couldn't have cared less!  He got out of his truck and walked around to the passenger side to see what damage he did to his mirror.  So...Mark asked him...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  YOU ALMOST KILL ME AND MY WIFE AND OUR HORSES AND YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT YOUR MIRROR!?!?!?!  To which he replied...Yea.  I'm worried about my mirror.  So, he called the police and we waited.  Now getting stopped was no mean feat!  We had a couple of run away horses for a bit there!  Mark had all brakes on and reins pulled up to his ears!  The bad part is, Mark saw the whole thing coming in his rearview mirror.  Said he wasn't sure the guy was going to get over at all!!
   So minor damages. The trailer took a hard hit where one of the side feed barrels sit. He hit the left rear corner and wiped out three hooks on the wagon side and set all our water and feed buckets flying into the medium. So Punkin grabbed up the buckets and we waited for the police. Bottom ticket that we know of. No apology-no remorse. I was so angry I couldn't spit. Lucky I had to hold the team, or I would have lost my testimony if I came down off the wagon.
   I also wrecked the piston that goes into the master cylinder, jamming on the brakes when Bob & Casey took off.
   I am very thankful no one was hurt. The Lord rescued us again. And I'm thankful for it. Enough said about that. Took about 1/2 an hour of walking to get Bob & Casey settled down. But I didn't blame them. As we continued down hwy 45, sunshine and 55 degrees. But everyone was pretty stressed. So when we pulled the kids over for a blow and David Hysmith walked down to talk with us I asked him if he had water & room for the horses. He said he did. David's Dad had Belgians and we had a great conversation.
   It was nice to get everyone off the road early. I think we only did 8 miles. But it's not really important. The ponies got off the raod early and we met lot's of good horse folks. Nothing like parking a covered wagon close to the hwy to draw a crowd. Dave, our host, owns a huge tire and service center. He made us a new piston (actuator) for the master cylinder. Once again God put us righjt where we needed to be! Thank you Dave & thank you Lord. 
Before the to do, we met a photographer.  James Webb.  He is with the Chester County Independant.  His request is for prayer for his wife.  God will know.
We also met Tommy Sanders.  He asked for prayer for JayLynn Stone.She is 8 months old and was born with a birth defect of her mouth.  She has had 3 surgeries and has 3 to go!
Chris and Lisa and the kids stopped by to see the horses.  Chris asked for prayer for his sister, Sherry.  Sherry's husband went to Mexico and passed away.  She crossed the border and they haven't heard from her in two weeks.  So, prayers for her safety and safe return.
Prayers for Mike and Brenda Beck.  They are both battling cancer. 
Cindy Martin asks for prayer for comfort for her neighbors family.  He was fixing the mailbox today and was hit and killed.  Lord, you have that one!
Crickette...Thanks!  Where are you?
Kenneth...Thank you.  All's good
meluginland...rough day
Rachel...No problem.  Thank you.
Cloe's...Gotcha!  Thank you!
Cindy...prayers are up.  Thank you
Well, that's it for today.  God sure had our backs today!  And we are grateful to Him.
Be assured, we are all fine.  Just a stressed out bunch for a little while.
God bless and good night!



joan said...

Oh my gosh!! I am so glad you are all ok. That was close. Sending prayers your way. I can't believe that jerk didn't even care. Love you guys. Joan

Rach said...

Glad that everyone is ok. Also glad that you were able to get a new piston. Glad that there was not any more damage that happened. I can't believe that the guy didn't even apologize that is just crazy.

Everything is going good here. Just cold. I have an MRI next week. Praying that it comes back fine or with answers as to what maybe causing my headaches.

Pray that you had a safe travel today and that the weather is nice.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Cheryl said...

Holy Cow, I am so glad yall are ok, yall be careful. I was telling Debbie about when John got hit in Mississippi, so please be careful, people just dont have to much remorse when they do something now a days and that is so sad. I called John and told him and he said also to be careful. Oh, by the way, he ( John ) is feeling much better, he finally got his meds and is back up and running once again. We will continue to keep you both and Bob & Casey in our prayers!!!!Love Cheryl

Terri said...

My heart jumped into my throat(not as far as your's did I'm sure) when I started reading your blog. The Lord is watching over you. I just don't understand people. The important thing is you and the horses are OK. Geez!

I am sure everyone is praying just alittle harder and more frequently for you.

Cindy Martin said...

Isay prayers for you all every night. Thank goodness that idiot didnt hurt anyone. Lord be with you.Thanks for your prayers.Still alot of wind no rain yet. Hope for good weather. Johnny and Jason said Hi. lol.

Shannon said...

What a scary day! So sad that individuals behave in such a way!
I was curious how Jamie was doing? I have been thinking of them.
We found out a few weeks ago that we are expecting another boy! :)

Take care and may god bless!
The Lehews

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is ok wow scary.....also glad you had a safe place to be in the storms! God is good!! Take care and as always sending prayers!
Love and prayers
Larry Paula and the girls

crickette said...

Thank God you are all ok! I live near Phoenix Arizona! You should come this way!. We have great weather! Praying for you!