Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 106

OH BOY!!!!!  You just never know what you might see going down the road!!!
First off we left Marty Riggins house this morning, planning on a ten mile day to the State park.  Got a good start!  Thanks and blessings to Marty and his wife for all their hospitality!  Marty even brought us some more hay when we landed.  We did make it to our destination in good time.  Water and electric and only $20 for the night for ALL of us!!  Horses, people, dogs and all!  Not bad.
Connie from Murray is bringing out some dinner and Mark is enjoying a good camp fire, but it makes him miss Ryan, our grandson, even more because he always camped with Papa Mark at home.
Anyway, long, rolling hills today.  No problems at all!  Then there was the bridge!  Not only is it straight up and short, it was blocked!  We looked at it yesterday and it is under construction, but 1 lane (southbound) is paved, and much softer surface, so the plan was to use the new lane and stay out of the traffic lane.  When we came around the corner, we saw that they were back over in the lane we picked working with big stuff.  We would never get around it and it was up by the barrier so we couldn't cut into the other lane to get around!  Good thing for Brandy the scout!  She rode up to ask what we could do while we were still wondering if we should hail a pickup to pull us up it...she came back with this news...It's not a truck.  It's an airplane that they decided to haul northbound in that southbound lane for the same reasons we wanted to use it!  It was stuck and if we could chill until they got it moved, we could have the lane!!  WHAT?!?!?!?!  Oh yes it was!!!  no wings, but a HUGE body of an air force plane!  They didn't take long and got it unstuck and here it came!!  The look on Bob's face was hilarious!!!  He didn't even fuss!  He just stared at it the whole length!  You could just imagine him thinking...WHAT THE......?!?!?!?!?!?!  Too funny!  but done.  Then we were off once more!  The traction on that new pavement was great for traction and we made it up without help.  Brandy has been hitching her horse to ours on hills for incentive but today was ok with no help at all.  Drill tec still there and working, just not on solid rock!
We did meet some folks along the way though!
Dick Willard needs prayer for a safe trip to Oklahoma.
Chris Watters asks for healing prayers for his wife, Linda, who is very sick! Starting to improve some!
Chris's best friend, Henry, also asked for prayer for Linda!
Dennis Howell needs prayer for his eye surgery that is next Tuesday.  Glaucoma and cataracts!   Scary stuff for him.
Thanks for all your prayers for all the people we meet.  What a great place the world would be if we all knew everyones needs and prayed for each other everyday!  WOW!  So, thanks for helping with our little tiny ministry!
Joan...Better now!  A day off to rest and much better hills!  Back on the highway!
Cindy...No!!  Didn't get pics! We're ok now.  Checked feet, just HARD surface! And thank you!
Anon...Thank you and God bless you, as well!
Crickette...79 to 45.  Is that Brownsville way?  And thank you.
So, off to eat dinner and get a good rest!  We love and appreciate you all! 
God bless and good night!


Cindy Martin said...

Great to hear from you all, look forward to checking in on everyone every night..Seen several of our friends at the blusgrass mule sale, had alot of teams for sale were selling for a good price. Spread the news to watch out for journey for JESUS on the roads....Missed you at WOODSHED restaurant, had a late lunch there today.Praying for a safe Johnny and Jason say Hello.

cowboybob813 said...

Glad to see everything is going well for you I have to return to Michigan for a court date We will be staying put for a bit We had the traction problem in Missouri good shoes drill tek was chunky just to hard of surface and to steep of grade We did learn from an Amish man is to get the tongue as short as possible I reluctantly took 30in off ours and it did make a big difference Also on very hard surfaces they dot their drill tek This is just putting a dot of drill tek on top of what you have one one each side and three across the toe If they shoe their drafts for the road they also use cogs these are shoes like a foot ball shoe that allows change the cleets as needed Safe travels and God Bless

crickette said...

Did you camp at the Paris landing state park? Its beautiful! It sounds like you had a good day! God bless you all?

Rach said...

Glad to hear that things are starting to go better with the hills. Glad that everything is falling in to place. Shows what am awesome God we have!!!

I hope that things continue to stay good for you guys.

If you would please pray for me. I am going to be in and out of the doctors office here in the next few days. Got a lot going on with my health yet again.

Thoughts and prayers are with you..

Love a;ways,

Rachel and Family