Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 130

I jumped outta the sack early as a bird ( do you believe that? )...nahhhhh not really! Wink! I got up at my usual too late for a travel day...and heard Alex drive in for work. I knew Josh would be down soon so I threw on some clothes and headed out to mix grain. I hadda game plan. So when I saw the two fine southern gents together I sprung it on them.
   I said "good morning fellows" and they both said "hey"...cuz that's what guys down south say. And I proceeded to inform them that today was Deb's birthday and would they sing happy birthday to her with me?They both said sure. And I went back to doin' my chores and Josh split. I started stressing that someone else was goin' to be the first of the day to wish her a happy birthday. Ya gotta be first otherwise it looks like ya forgot. And I'm just not good at remembering these kinda things. I asked Alex where Josh was & he said he didn't know. So we got the ponies up for their oatmeal breakfast...and up came Josh from the house. I asked if he was ready to sing...and since we were all there I started it off. And lo and behold out from behind Josh's back comes a card, a muffin with a candle in it, and bar-b-que lighter. So the whole time we are singing, Josh is trying to light this single candle on a"hold on" he says...(we're still singing...)"no wait a minute !"  "birthday to you"...FLAME...happy birthday to you. But in spite of our poor timing, Deb blushed and a good time was had by all.
   That's the kinda person that Josh is. And that's why we had such a great time. Deb, Josh's family, all great folks.But we finally got on the road and up the 90 degree hill Josh calls his drive way. Down hwy 45 past Selmer on a 50 degree plus, sun shining day. Thank you Lord! Bob & Casey are rested. But still no apparent weight gain on Bob.
We asked for requests before we left though!  We ask for prayer for Josh Young & Deb's successful business.  Josh boards and trains and shows his own quarter horses.  If you have any need for anything like this...look him up!  Josh Youngs Quarter Horses.
We need prayer for our Sis-in-law, Sharen, for tests to come back all good and right! And for her job bid to be successful and quickly!
Alex asked for prayers for our safety.
Josh's mom & dad, Sandy and Ricky also asked for prayers for our safety and for the neighbor to get back to his old self.  His 38 year old son died and he had an accident all about a year ago and he is struggling with depression.
Then we met a group of young men that wanted to take a picture so we pulled over for them and they all came and admired Bob & Casey.  We didn't get all of them to talk but, Jason asked for prayere for his mom, dad, brothers, and sisters.
Jimmy for his mom.
And Joseph Michael for his family.
Horses are just magic with young folks.  Nice to watch.
Along the road we met Cindy Kirk, Joanne Russom, Maddie, Taylor and Lauren.  They came out to see the horses go by.  Cindy asked for prayers for her son that is in basic training at Fort Benning!
Joanne asked for her family to be prayed for.
The Palmetto Christian Methodist Episcopal Church needs prayer too.
Then, while we were sitting at a crossroad checking out the empty spots that might be home for a night, we met Adam Day.  Adam has horses too so he invited us across the road to his place.  There we met his wife Meg, his sister Alicia, his children Linleigh,Addi, and Russ, and his mom, Gail Day.
We got to go to church with them and what a church full of friendly folks!  The Chewalla Baptist Church.  Thank you all for the great service!
After church we went over to see Jeff, a reporter, and do a short interview.  From more family for supper!  Nell Armstrong and Pat Hinton.  Very nice ladies!  We would like to ask for prayer for Nell that when the kids all get in school and Pat goes home, she isn't so lonely.
That's it for the Lord's day!  See you on the next day of our adventures with the Lord!
God bless and good night!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, miss you guys! Hurry back! Safe travels,
love, Sharen

Cheryl said...

Did yall get my comment I posted yesterday about John? It was on here and now its gone. Just wondering.