Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 118

Day 118 was a break day.  HEAVY storms rolled through and the temp dropped from 70 to 62 in less than an hour.  From there it was got colder.  Good rest day though.
The horseback for Haiti girls caught up with us in the afternoon so we will be traveling with them for a few days again.
We are on the road now heading for a church in Jackson, TN.  Friday we will go through it.  It will take all day to do it though.  Shortly after that we will be losing the girls to different routes once again.
We have no destination and they are cutting west to head for theirs...Houston, Texas.  Since we have no interest in Texas, we'll wander a little more south.  On good authority, we have been warned about Mississippi roads and the lack of police presence.  Two other wagon travelers that we know have been hit there so we'll heed to the masters and roll slow while we decide which way to go next.  ON WITH THE ADVENTURE!!!!  You just never know where you might find us ;)
To the Jones family...did you say you had people in western Mississippi?
That's about it for the day.  Rest. Mark even got a nap!!!
Our little Canon I70 printer finally took one too many falls so soon we will be out of cards, which stinks! It was soooo small and compact! It was perfect. So, I'll have to figure something else out for cards because we sure can't buy another one like this one! Maybe I'll take it apart and fix it! You never know, I'm pretty handy!
So, here's some entertainment for the day. Thanks for sending these to us!

God bless!

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Cindy Martin said...

Hello wagon people,dogs and horses.Like the pictures,Say hello to the Horseback girls,Started out in the 20's today and yesterday it was about 59. Always heard in Kentucky if you don't like the weather hang around it will change..Have a good night and better tomorrow, Johnny, Jason and Cindy.