Monday, January 9, 2012

Days 109 & 110

Hello again!
Yesterday was a maintenance day for us.  We were all set to travel when Jimmy pulled in.  As we were chatting with him he said, Hey Mark!  That tire has a broken belt!  You can see the way it's shaped!  If you want to run to Walmart and buy one, I'll get it on there for free.  After closer inspection of that tire and the others, we saw that that entire inside tread was GONE!!!!  on the driver rear! they went.  But to no avail.  Walmart did not have the tires we needed. Jimmy can get good ones Monday from his distributor.  That was the end of the travel for the day.  Got good stuff done though, in the way of maintenance.  Once again...we worked on the brakes.  Had no front and the backs are just plain worn!!  Got a piece rewelded that broke loose, and just generally puttered on the wagon.  Much needed!  That tire wouldn't have made it to our next stop!  And brakes are always good!  After the wagon, Mark helped Jimmy with a tire from his truck and I cooked some vittles for us all.
A couple of people stopped to see us during the day.  Alice Summers wanted prayer.  Her 16 year old son passed away and her mother.
Cheryl Hubbard needs prayer for herself as well.
An episode of Andy Griffith and off to sleep.
Monday.  Jimmy showed up nice and early to do the tire run!  They were gone forever!  I didn't know that Jimmy's tire guy was all the way back in Kentucky!!  Oh well.  The one thing you REALLY learn out here is that there is no rush.  This is definitely not life in the fast lane.  It was probably 1:30 when we finally hit the road.  But...only 8 miles to go today.  We sure do thank Jimmy for all his help and hospitality!  Anybody in the Paris / Henry area that needs tire help or roadside assistance should give him a call.  Good guy and hard worker! That's Dutton's in Paris on 79.
We made our trip in good time!  And John was home when we got here!  So we're all hooked up for a few days of rest.  Farrier on Thursday.  Just for resets this time (we pray)!  Loaded up on oats and set for a few.  Good thing too because I wore my last clean socks yesterday!!!  And I NEED a shower!
The prayer requests we have for today are...Patrick, he said awwww girl, you can just pray for me in general!  Ok, we will!
LeeRoy Hamlin asked for prayer for his wife, Linda.  For her blood pressure and just continued healing and health.
And Hugh Moore asks for good health and wealth!
Keolahou & Mike...Thanks for the great pictures!  That seems like forever ago!!  Thanks for traveling with us all this time!  God bless you as well.
Cindy...Fire is good.  We've raised a couple of avid pyromaniacs over the years.  They always came home to burn something or blow something up!!
Rachel...Fun stuff!
Jerry...Gotcha, was great to talk to you!  Hitch those ponies up and come on down!!
Cindy...You work too much!!!  Get out there and ride!!!
That's it for the last two days!  Just enjoying the wonders that God put out there for us all!  Keep praying and we thank you for the prayers for us!
God bless & good night!


Cindy Martin said...

Thank goodness you got your tire trouble took care of before real trouble.Hope for a nice traveling day tomorrow. lol From Ky.

crickette said...

Prayers for the few days rest! Sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure and that God approves because he is seeing to it that you get what you need! Bless you and yours!

Rach said...

Glad to hear that everything is good. Glad that you found that problem with the tire and got it taken care of. Could have been really bad that is for sure.

How is Bob and Casey doing? I am sure that they are ready to get going again.

I am glad that you are were you are at. We are suppose to get hit with some snow tonight and tomorrow. We are actually under a winter storm advisory. I don't really want the snow but it is going to come so I am just going to have to deal with it and bundle up.

As far as my health I am still going through a lot. I went to the family doctor on Friday and that came back fine. Now, I have to go to another doctor and see what they can find out. I have been off work for going on 4 weeks now. I am just glad that I have the family and friends that I do.

I hope that things are still going good with you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

marion said...

Do you not have an Internet connection? I will be waiting for your next post. Love ya

marion said...

Do you not have an Internet connection? I will be waiting for your next post. Love ya