Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 108

Hi folks, Saturday travel in January in TN this year is a beautiful thing. We don't have any idea what the temp was...but about 11:00 am the skies cleared and it got beautiful. We had lots of visitors this morning and didn't even try to rush out. Plus it was time to say good bye to our fellow horse travelers, for a while. It is hard to explain how quickly ya become close with fellow travelers. We have a lotta respect for a 23 year old and a 21 year lady that can make their way across this country of ours on horse back. They are God loving Christian women of courage and character. Our good byes were difficult at best. We sure will miss them and hope to meet again soon. They were a great help to us from Kentucky to TN. Having a point rider is a great addition to a team.
Our friend, Bob Skelding, hooked us up with a few days of rest in Henry.  We called him  (John) and sure enough he came to meet us and find out if we had anything we needed him to get before we get there!  So, he picked up some oats for us and we can get them and pay him when we do arrive. After he left, he called us and gave us directions to an overnight for tonight because his house is just a little out of reach for one day of travel.
So tonight we are at Jimmy's.  He has a tire sales and repair shop right here on 79.  He wasn't here when we first pulled in so we scouted around for a minute and then he pulled in.  He didn't know we were coming.  BUT...full of TN hospitality, he welcomed us in and gave the horses a huge water tank and water and electric for us!  And fixed the spare tire that fell victim to a delinquent pack horse! The valve stem got bitten almost off.  All fixed now.
This morning we met Jim and Brenda Callahan.  They didn't have a prayer request but, instead, just wanted to praise God for all of their blessings.
Along the road we met Ron Dix and his grandson R.J.  They just asked for general, safety...
Bob Keller stop to talk with us.  He needs some prayers for his health but asked for prayer for healing for his brother in Colorado.
Then, our host, Jimmy Dutton, we ask for prayers for the success of his business and blessings for his hospitality.  Great conversation!
My mom, for her health and to not be lonely at home.
I'm going to sign off quick so we don't get booted again!  Sprint is NOT the service to have down here!!  HORRIBLE!!  So I'm going to click on the button and pray you all get to see what we've written!
God bless and good night!


Cindy Martin said...

Hello, Another beautiful day.Parting ways today such sweet sorrow.. But hope to meet again soon. Jason is planning to drive wagon to church tomorrow, of course I have to work,maybe next time.all says hello HAPPY TRAILS.

Anonymous said...

I seen your wagon and also the two girls that were along on their horses as you all came through Paris Tennessee. Yes the weather was nice about 56-58 degrees. I wish you all the best of luck and a safe journey.May God keep his hand on you through out.