Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 132

Hi all!
We are on hiatus!!  Much needed for all of us!  Monday afternoon we crossed into MS!  We were directed to the North Corinth Baptist Church just off 45.  What a great place and great people!
Of course, the first day off is never really a day off.  We worked on laundry and cleaning (never ending) and setting ourselves up.
We did, however, have some fun time!  The church also has a school (academy) and we were visited by Brother Shane (pastor) and a few of his little (or younger) folks.
We also met Pastor Bill Wages' (senior pastor) grand daughter Kacie Harden and her son Braiden!
So much energy in these students and they are all great!
Here they are:

In no particular order, we met...Brother Shane Casabella, Tammy Spencer, Miranda Hale, Jackson Trammel, Shelby Jourdan, Cierra Hurd, Seth Holliday, Alexander Jerden, Josephine Jerden, Victoria Jerden, Alicia Goss, Katie McCann, Brennan, Aidan Klitzke, Addie Spencer, Tate Mitchell, Ben Callahan, Blake Harville, and Christian Holliday.
The Callahan's are folks we met up in Pinson, TN.  Tommy made the call to the church to set us up here and then he, his wife and their children took us out for mexican supper!  Thank you so much you guys for all your help and what you've done for us!  We pray that the Lord blesses you for your kindness.
We also pray for North Corinth Baptist Church.  For their long and successful school and for their hospitality to people just passing through!  And just that God blesses this church. Thank you!
Then Meg Day brought us out some pictures that she took at their house!  Good looking kids!  Thank you!
Prayers for our sis-in-law that her and the doctors can pick the perfect course of action for some health issues.
An urgent prayer for Jesse. He accidentally shot his own hand and needs prayer for healing, guiding the doctors hand while fixing the wound, and that the insurance will cover the car that was also struck by the bullet!
Rachel needs prayer for medical answers.
A prayer request for a new friend.  God knows who and the personal struggles that need his attention.  Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to us all!
Sharen...You're welcome. And thank you!  We will as soon as we're done! Love you.
Rachel...getting closer!
Ron & Thelma...Thank you
Cheryl...Thanks for the update and the prayers.  Hope all is still well.  We'll have to give him a call!Your message is on day 131.  This is Day 130.  Anyway...we got it, thanks
Jennifer...Gotcha covered.  Prayers for fast healing!
So, that's Tuesday. 
Thanks for following our journey and God bless!


joan said...

wow great pictures. thank you.
love, joan

meluginland said...

Thanks guys! We don't see surgeon until FRIDAY now... UGGH! Prayers for you all too! :-) Have a great day tomorrow, gorgeous weather til Sunday!