Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 139 & 140

Good evening to all!
Thought that we would peck away here a little bit prior to walking down for Wednesday Service with Brother Bill. Not a lot to tell. Just spending a couple of good days with good folks. I went to an early men's prayer/study meeting with brother David Dodd. What an outstanding fellow. He is a good Christian man. After study we went out and fed his oxen. They are the greatest.
   Imagine goin' down the road with a team of reigns...just a long buggy stick.It's all about the verbal commands. How challenging!!  I might at some point have to do that! Dave also has a nice collection of yokes. Some very old...all different sizes. David is not doing real good if you could pray for that brother I sure would appreciate it. David and his son have a tree trimming/removal & stump removal business. If you want to hire a good Christian man...of good character, I would highly recommend him.
   So I will forward all the great information you gave us onto David. Thanks so very much.
On Tuesday morning, 3 gentlemen stopped by to see us that saw us on T.V.  Wayne Voyles, Tommy Elk, and Sellus Frasier.  They are building a Native Indian village and invited us out to stay a bit!  We went out there today with Brother Bill and they have come quite far on their project.  Pretty cool stuff they have out there!
Keith also invited us to stay at his place for a while.  He came and took us there and he has one tempting lake out there!  We haven't fished since the 1 lb. test caught the 17 1/2 inch large mouth bass!!
We also had a visit from Margaret Houpt.  We actually met her the first day we pulled in here.  She is a great lady that works at the school here.  If it hadn't been for her helping us that day, we might have gone on before Brother Shane was reached with the direction we needed as to where to park!
Marge's husband needs prayer for the healing of a long illness.
Pastor Bill's wife also needs healing prayers.
Our Mom's could both use some prayers for their health problems.  Mark's mom's eyes, Deb's mom's allergies.
Linda S. needs prayer for allergies and Larry for his wheat crop!
People stop by everyday.  We don't always get their names but, we can tell you that we have heard some awesome testimonies while sitting in this spot!  AWESOME!!!  Healings, Salvations, you name it!  Very inspiring!
Bob...not sure about our next step.  Gonna take some prayer time and see what He has on our agenda!  And thanks for the info, we'll pass it along.
Rach... Corinth, Mississippi
Joan...yep, go figure!  After only a week, Bob is showing improvement!
Marge...thanks, we'll pass the info on.  Prayers for your husband.
Cindy...Aren't they cute?!
Dale...We remember you!  Thanks, we'll let Dave know!
That's all for now!
Y'all have a great day!
God bless!


Cindy Martin said...

HELLO, wAS A BIT CHILLY THIS MORNING, ABOUT 28 degrees. But no rain or snow yet.Praying for you and yours.Catch you all later.

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you all. Glad that things are going good.
I sent you an e-mail to update you on how things are going with me. Still in pain from the surgery but the is to be expected. Over all I am doing good.
Hope that all stays good with you all.
Thoughts and Prayers are always with you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family