Friday, February 3, 2012

Days 134 & 135

Howdy Pilgrims!

   Just a quiet day at the ranch yesterday. Whew! Life has been a flurry of late. Not used to so much attention. Once your used to 3 miles an hour, and the relative solitude of the road, this all a little over whelming. But we have been having a blast.I sat and talked with this ol' cowboy, Cary  Myers, yesterday for hours. And what a life he has lead rodeoing and horseshoing.He told of lots of adventures, but the best part was how God saved his life, and healed him 3 different times. He has had his neck broken, back broken, and an anurism burst behind his sternum, that was inoperable and yet here he is.They told his son he had a 3% chance to live.His son said "that's good enough...he'll make it!" And  he was kind enough to sit for hours and share his life and testimony. If ya would be so kind...could you please pray for this brothers improved good health.
   We also met Virgil Leadbetter and Ray Flanagan. Ray would like us to pray for his Son. He is struggling in his life. Broke his back, lost his leg. So please call out to the Holy Spirit and ask him to pray to our Father for a physical and spiritual healing. (Romans 8:26)
   I tore the feed trailer apart today. Gonna let the rain clean it up for us a l;ittle. There is a huge pavilion where we are setting and we are making good use of it. We have out a lot of our under the bed (and hard to get to) stuff out, under it for easy access.
   Punkin cooked up a venison roast that we got blessed with. She slow cooked it with some carrots (sorry Bob & Casey I ate um!) nice and slow...until it was falling apart. Man-o-man was that good. So nice to be stopped for a minute so we can actually cook & clean. Just do some of the things we used to take for granted.
   Bear & sugar Ray are having a great stop. They can RUN! No kittens or farm cats around for them to tree or molest. No other dogs. Sugar even let us tiw her outside for a while. She has real issues with that normally. She was a tie out when animal control picked her up. Good thing too...I bought them this 50 pound bag of dog food....the cheap stuff...need I say more? They are pooping as much as the horses.So they are spending plenty of time outside. chuckle-chuckle!!
  We had a problem that required a banker and Adam Day came down to help us. The fine gentleman at the bank who helped us is John Finlayson and we so much appreciate it if we could pray for his family. Thank you prayer warriors.
   I am getting restless and ready to travel. I'm the only one in the group who is thouigh! So for the good of all I am controlling my urges. We are acually still scouting for a couple of good 2 week stops for the horses to regroup. We have started Bob on some Red Cell. I also got him to eat some vegtable oil (fat) on his oats last night. I tried once before and he wouldn't tough it. Last night he dove in and licked the bottom of the bucket. So that should help put some weight back on him if he keeps it up.
   There have been so many folks by to visit. All good folks. This has been an outstanding stop. We thank all of you so much. I wanted to mention Trent Nethery. he stopped by with some lunch and invited us to Sunday night service. We have a few different invites. gonna be hard to say no to anyone. But what a great problem to be faced with. We spent so many weeks wishing we could hit a sevice...but it never worked out. We have truely been blessed. Trof our needsent surrendered to the ministry a few years ago and is in school. He would like us to pray that our Lord help in school. Lord bless him please.
   We also met Bob McAfee. He would like us to pray for Dot Curtis, she needs prayer for her health problems. He would also appeciate it if we would pray for Stan Hughes, he has advanced colin cancer. I love when people ask for prayer. Acknowledging that God can meet all of our needs. And having the faith and courage to speak them out loud to fellow believers, but still stangers they never met.
Crickette, try the
Joan, thanks so much
Rach, continued prayer and healing
Cindy, Thanks and HI to all.
God bless each of you!


sharonpflaum said...

You guys are sooooo blessed!!! My husband and I sure wish we could do what your doing. But right now, I am in Corinth, MS taking care of my mom, as my dad passed last May, almost a year now. And my husband, he is still in California. I really miss him so bad. If it wernt for God, I'd had fallen apart by now. Please pray for my husband and me...that we will be reunited again soon. I am hoping soon, he will be able to join me here in MS. May God give you both safe passage during your journey, and lots of Blessings along the way. Take care, Sharon Frost.

meluginland said...

How awesome you are having such a good time!! Glad you are able to get things cleaned and aired out. Must feel so good to get a break. Thank you for your prayers. They worked! Jesse will NOT need surgery!!! Hope you are having fun!!! MUCH LOVE!

Cindy Martin said...

Hi.Sounds like all is going well.Were all fine too. We are having a Movie and Pizza at church saturday night more for kids, but anyone can come. Sprinkled a little , but has not rained hard yet, think it suppose too come several inched before long. Happy Trails and keep it between the ditches... he he Praying for all.

Rach said...

Well, glad to hear that all is good with you all. I will say a pray that Bob gets some fat on him he needs it.

As far as me things checked out good at the doctor today. Major answered prayer on that one. Thank you for the prayers they have helped. But, we are not out of the clear yet. I have my surgery on Tuesday and then finding out why I am having these headaches. It is back to the drawing board with the neurologist. I know that it is in God's hands and He will take care of everything. Just have to keep telling myself that.

Well, I am going to go. My meds have kicked in so I much head to bed.

Good night and you are in out thoughts and prayers everyday.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Terri said...

Wow! Think of all you have done in a few short months. Did you ever have a clue this would happen? What a Blessing!

You two are amazing! Great posts to keep us updated. A whole new opportunity has been given to you and you are making the most of it.

crickette said...

I love the blogs! You make your trip so interesting that I cant wait to read it! I finally got the tv program up. prayers that Bob will soon be his energetic self! Prayers for you and your party and for everyone that has asked! God Bless You all!

Marge said...

I so enjoy your blogs, can't wait each day to see where you have been and how things are going. You are truly blessed to be able to enjoy life at 3 miles an hour. Sure wish I could be riding along with you, but the next best thing is reading about it. My husband has been ill for almost 6 yrs and we can't travel anymore, an infection that won't go away. We just take it one day at a time, it could be so much worse. God has blessed us.
If you go to a web site called "Rural Heritage" Front Porch and click on Draft Horse, Mule Teamster, OX Drover forum you will get lots of information about oxen and general information from folks who have horses and mules.
Enjoy the reading, I know I do. Take care and enjoy your new life style. God Bless you both.

Love, Margie