Saturday, February 25, 2012

Days 155, 156, & 157

HI!!!!!  Looks like Google worked out it's own kinks!  YAY!!!
Let's see...things have changed a little bit.  You'll remember Tommy Callahan.  He is the gentleman that directed us here.  Well, he stopped by Tuesday evening and asked Mark if he wanted to go to work in the morning!  So he's been off early every morning since Wednesday.  See?  God lead us all this way, and then for some reason, unknown to us, we just felt like suddenly, there was no more.  Now we knew from the start that we would be resting up when we got this far, but honestly, we've been here way longer than we ever thought we would be.  Thank the good Lord for being parked in such an awesome spot with a church full of folks that understand "waiting on the Lord".  So, I was thinking the other day, when Mark got a job, and people started telling us they were looking for a place for us of our own, God knows better than us what He wants.  I looked at Bob, and yes he is starting to gain some weight back, but not enough for any distance traveling.  So...maybe it's him that God is helping here.  We know that the pastor has told us to stay as long as we need to, but after all these miles, we start to feel like we don't want to wear out our welcome.  You know what I mean??  I also think that if we put Bob back on the road full time, we might just kill him.  He really does need the rest.  He's antsy enough and healthy enough, don't get me wrong, but just some general fat would do that boy wonders!
Sooooo...if any one in the area knows of about 5 acres that we could rent or stay at, close by, with water and electric and maybe a small shed or barn, please let us know.  We are just praying for God's will and not our own at this point.  He will tell us what to do next when it's time.
I have taken on the morning chores with Mark gone for the day.  So far, so good.  I still don't move those two by myself, so anything beyond feeding, watering, and talking to them, they have to wait for.  I don't know if I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Bob finally did kick me.  That was pleasant.  Both feet!  God kept me from anything beyond a good knot and bruises, thank You Lord.  Anyway, I am very cautious around him but have taken over leading him and feeding him (when Mark's here).  Maybe this way he'll get the picture that I'm one of the bosses here!  He's such a snot!
So, I thank everyone for your prayers for us and ask that you will pray with us for God's will in our next step.  This we know, the journey is not over.  We both feel that.  So, stick with us and God willing the blog will continue working so we can continue to post prayer requests!
There is one.  Ruth.  A man said she lives down the road from here and she is just in need of prayer.  Salvation would be the best for her.  God can fix everything else then too. 
And for Mark.  He's working in a shop at a young man's job so if you can pray for the aches and pains to go quickly, we wouold appreciate that.
Also, Brother Bill's wife has been sick for some time.  She's showing improvement, but I think with some extra prayers, she could be healed!
Thanks, again and God bless!


joan said...

I wonder why Bob kicked you...I don't understand horses at all. I know they are beautiful and that is about the extent of it. I think about you often and pray for you along with the prayer requests. And I will always follow your blog where ever God leads you. Love and hugs to all. Joan

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. Missed hearing how things are going. I am glad that all is going good. I will keep Mark in my prayers. I am glad that he is working. I will pray with as well for God's will for your next step. Glad to hear that Bob is getting better sorry to hear that you got kicked. I hope that you are healing really fast!!
Update on me I am healing really well from my surgery and really fast! Praise the Lord on that. I go back to the doctor March 5th we are praying that I get released to go back to work. Still in and out of different doctors to find out why I am still having headaches. That is a prayer everyday.
You are in our thoughts and prayers. We miss you guys.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Terri said...

Good to see the blog is working again. As far as staying there, you are where you are supposed to be for now. You will be there until.... There is a reason for this stop and at some time you will know what it is. In the meantime, take things slow and easy and keep praying. You two are wonderful and you continue to touch many. Bless you for that.

Cindy Martin said...

Praying for you all. Hope you can find a place with a barn and few acres.Went to Louisville last wed and returned on fri. night With the Beta club. was fun but glad to be home. Johnny,Jason and Cindy From Kentucky

crickette said...

Im glad that you both are ok. There is a reason you are staying where you are right niow. I feel that God isnt nearly thru with you! He is just giving you a rest!I am glad you weren't hurt bad when Bob kicked you!. Praying for both of you!