Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Days 144, 145, 146, & 147

Hi All!!
We're still here on Hallelujah Hill!  We are so blessed to have been directed here.  All are getting some rest and lots of the Word!  We have been to a couple of churches with folks we met here.  The Callahan's have taken us to their church, and the Day's have taken us to their church, and the church right here is within walking distance so we have been taking advantage of all the services we can get to.  Mr. David Dodd has had Mark out early and late at various men's groups that he attends and we are so happy to be among a great Christain community!  Thank you all.
Bob and Casey are on their 4th spot here.  It just keeps raining!  Soggy, soggy ground.  They are happy, tho!  We've been very diligent about keeping that fence hot since their escape!  Chasing them in the rain and mud is just no fun!
We still meet people.  We are parked right off the highway so people can see us as they drive down 45.  We're right off the exit!  This is the place that the Vietnam Memorial Wall will be in June.  It was here last year, as well.  That's pretty cool!
The weather has been so-so.  It got downright cold for a couple of days!  A little flurry of snow, some sleet, lots of rain...but today was warmer. Whew! 
So, we don't have much going on in the way of adventure while we're still.  Claude and Jean brought over and dropped off an excercise cart today so we can hitch up the kids and wear a little extra energy off so you might want to stay tuned in case they forgot their jobs and we have some "retraining" yucks!!  But after 1000 miles...they probably have it down pat.  We'll see.  I just hope the church doesn't think we're moving in on them!  Just as soon as the Lord says MOVE...we'll be on our way!
Jerry and Geradine Sweat brought us some hay just in the knick of time the other day!  Adam Day brought us some a couple of days before that and it was gone.  So, Keith brought a few bales yesterday and today we were able to locate and buy a small round bale!  So we're set if we need to go.  Bales to load for the road.  God always provides!
We need to send up some prayers for Rick Hodgin.  He lost his mother in January and is struggling a bit.  He needs some peace and comfort.  We are so sorry for your loss, Rick.
We also had alot of company today!  The ladies that we met last night brought us over an awesome lunch!  They all home school their kids so the kids came too!  Bob and Casey loved them and their handsful of green grass from outside the pen!  They were, Reba Hancock, she asks for prayer for her husband Billy, Amanda Harris with Karlee, Mary Ellen, & Joshua.  Barbara, Ashley, ans Aylah Chelmowski.  Ans Patricia, Brenna, and Seth Stephenson.  Thanks for liunch and the visit!
Can we all also pray for C.B. III?  He is having some health issues, the most recent being knee surgery and sleep apnea combined with the heart stopping now and then when he stops breathing in his sleep.
Thank you for joining us in prayer for all these needs!  You all are faithful, for sure!
Cindy...It WAS cold!!!  Down to rain now!
Rach...keep healing!  We do meet lots of people just sitting here, don't we?
Rick...The Lord is bringing your relief.  He knows your pain.
pastor Jaime...we heard about that festival.  Today we learned that at one point it was shut down because the slug burgers were NOT FDA approved!  But it got all straight and back on the horizon!
Well, that's it for tonight.  We have a few invites for tomorrow so we'll see what God has in the mix for us!  Should be fun whatever we do!  Working for the Lord is just an awesome job!  He's a great boss whose only requirement is that we mention His name and we'll do fine!  What could be better?!?!?!
So, good night and God bless you all!  (Y'all)


meluginland said...

Awesome adventures!! it's amazing how the Lord provides. You both are just so awesome!! Love & hugs!!

crickette said...

I Iwas away for a few days and I just caught up with your blog!. I pray that you have a safe trip when you get the message to move on! Keeping in touch,God bless you and yours,

Rach said...

I am so glad to hear from you guys. I am so glad that you are in an area to go to church makes things so much better.

Yes you do meet lots of people but that is what makes it worth it. So many people have been inspired by you. I know that I have been and am even more every time I read your blogs. You have helped me in more than one way.

The Lord knew what he was doing when He put your interview with Fox 59 in front of me.

I am healing really good. Follow up went great. I am going again in 4 weeks and if all goes good I will be released to go back to work!!! That right now is my prayer more than anything. I have been off for 13 weeks. Though I love it I am the type of person who has to work. Though being off has been a blessing to me as well.

I hope that you guys are doing well over all. I think about you guys all the time.

You are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Cindy Martin said...

Hello I've Have been keeping late hours. Jason has took on a little extra work, helping feed the neighbors he has to stay after school 2 days a week. He has archery class and Chess club. So glad you have been having a good time. Its really misty rainy today in the 50's today. Praying for you