Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 141 - 143

I think I have the "days" right...I'll have to ask my beautiful wife. The cold has descended upon us for a couple of days. Down in the teens last night and the wind was howling like an ol' wolf. I had to force myself out from under the covers this morning. But the sun was up and I knew Bob & Casey would be staring at the wagon. So I eased my warm feet to the cold floor (yikes) and peaked out the curtain....sure enuff! Staring at the wagon like they hadn't eaten in a week! So I turned the stove on to perk some coffee, got dressed, and wandered out with Bear and Sugar Ray. Ice on the water and a frozen hose. I had no idea this was coming. We haven't had any TV for a few weeks and forgot to get on line and look. Lucky I always pour a couple of buckets at night, for mornings just like this.
   Nice thing about being down south, it will warm back up in a few days. We are still parked. We have water-electric-plenty of space for Bob & Casey and a loaned vehicle. This is a great resting spot. Two weeks rest does not visibly seem to have added weight to Bob. But if you feel his side his ribs are covered. And if you poke him in his front haunches he has layered up a little. Does that make sense? Well it took him 4 months, lots of miles, and an ulcer to take it off him. I don't reckon it is going to return any too quick.
   If we stay much longer, a good brother offered an exercise cart to get the kids hooked up. A little exercise would be good for all three of us. I have to go on the hay search again. Anybody local who is reading this we sure could use some help. I have the horses about weaned off the alfalfa (thanks Josh, that was great hay) and eating some grass again. They just don't care for the Bermuda grass...but when in Rome...
   They have a tradition down here...well I don't know if it's really a tradition...but...they have this burger. It's called a slug burger. Doesn't have much meat in it, it's mainly a dough of sorts with stuff in it. Nobody is disclosing the ingredients. It's all very secret and hush-hush! But it's how bad could it be? chuckle-chuckle!! I'm a firm believer that anything fried is better! 'course that's probably why I had 6 stents in my heart at 47 years old! They are great! A little onion, pickles and tomato and presto! Slug Burger! Ain't America a great place? Betcha! The whole town serves these things.  The name did NOT have anything to do with the ingredients...that much we determined before hand.  They used to cost a nickel and a nickel was referred to as a slug! Not a nickel anymore, but the name lingers on.
   We have been gettin' spiritually fed since we got here. Three different churches and lots of great fellowship. So I guess our Lord has given each of us what we needed. The dogs have lots of room to run. The horses are getting fed and rested. And we are enjoying the rest and the peace of our Lord.
   I have been stressing on getting moving. I had actually planned to leave a couple of times. But something has kept us here. Just in the habit of moving and ministering. Then we decided to look for a place to rest...and prayed for it...and now the Lord has provided it to us. Yet my brain is telling me to move. But the Holy Spirit has not prodded us. So I should be thankful and relaxing. Listening to and for God, and not talking, will probably be a life long struggle for me. Grin! I'm such a bag of flesh!
   We met Whitney Yeager, and she has asked us to pray for James Sanders. They say he has cancer and have given him 2 months to live. Please pray for him and those that love him. Thanks
   Please pray for Rachel's recovery after surgery.
And if I could be so bold...would you please join Deb and I in prayer for our brother-in-law Bob who is suffering from gout.
   Would you please pray for Sophie? She is a 3 year old girl who has a temp of 106. Thank you much.
   We met Rose McCormick. Her husband brought us a blackberry wine cake and it was moist and delicious. And she brought Bob & Casey a bale of hay. We are so thankful for both! She asked that we hold her up in our prayers. she has a few unspoken needs. God knows what they are.
   Well I know there's not much new as we slowed down. We thank y'all for still keeping track of us and praying for the needs of others. Which is the most important section in any of our blogs.
watch for miracles, they happen every day. May God get all the glory. May the peace of our Lord be with each of you & yours. Talk to you again soon.

PS: Hope you folks don't mind that we don't write daily. We will again when we travel. We are spending extra time in the word and prayer. And I have started our 1st book....year 1.
HA!!  You are all required to purchase at least one copy!


Rick C. Hodgin said...

Please pray for me. My mother died Jan 19, 2012 and it's really been affecting me. God bless you both.

Rach said...

Thank you for all the prayers. Recovery is going great. Still in pain but that is to be expected with surgery. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at noon lets pray all goes well.
Glad to hear from you guys. Can't wait till you get back to being on the road I always love hearing about what you have encountered along the way. Although it seems that you have been encountering a lot with staying put.
You are in our thoughts and prayers always.
Rachel and Family

pastor.jaime said...