Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 133

What a flurry this day started out to be!  Brother Shane invited us to speak at chapel about our journey.  So far so good.  Then a text that the newspaper was sending a reporter. Ok. Then a text that the T.V. station was sending a man from Tupelo!  Good Heaven's!!  We sure got popular all of a sudden!!  LOL!  As long as the glory goes to God...all's good!
We met Pastor Bill Wages his morning!  Awesome man!  We also met Jacky Feazel, Allen Davis, and Lawrence Davis.  And all before 10 o'clock chapel!!!
Chapel was great!  Lots of songs, and we just love to sing and hear people sing for the Lord!  This little school has some huge talent!!  We got to pray and just had a great time!  More tonight at the 7 o'clock service!
Today brother Shane brought almost the entire school down to meet us and hear about the wagon and horses.  I will post those pictures tomorrow.  Again, great bunch of young people.
We went to lunch with Brothers Bill and Shane then off to the feed store for more horse fuel.  Good company and great conversation! 
Some people came out to see us today with prayer requests!
Genice and Gerald Sellers.  They asked for prayer for their son and his wife.  He went to rehab and they've lost their children.  We pray that the Lord's will is done in that situation.  And for their niece's husband who is being tormented with drugs and alcohol problems.
Louise Brewer saw the TV clip and came out.  She and her husband used to go for wagon rides.  He passed away almost 2 years ago.  She is having trouble with getting her belongings (including her mule) from blended family members after all this time.  Again, the Lord's will for that situation.
Here is the link to the TV report.
If all you can get is the story in text, just go to and when you see the story line you can click on video.  Enjoy!
So, evening service was just as awesome as morning chapel.  Met some more great folks.  Sang great songs And was treated to a few songs from the quartet!  Just like listening to the old Elvis gospel songs!
That was our blessed day!  We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
Joan...they're a great bunch!
Jennifer...No problem!  We'll be praying for good results on Friday!  Thanks for your prayers!
Have a great day and God bless y'all!


crickette said...

I couldnd get the video but I read the words! I shared them on facebook! God Bless you and your journey!

joan said...

Hey great video. I had to search for it. You guys did great. Makes me was to hug Bill and Casey again. And you all too of course! Love, Joan

Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys. Glad to hear that things are doing good.

Got some more news today.I have to go see a neurosurgeon. There is a growth on my pituitary gland and also my spinal column pushes up in to my cerebellum. Will update when I know exactly when I go to the neurosurgeon. I go in tomorrow to the neurosurgeon tomorrow afternoon.

Then I am suppose to have surgery on the 7th if all goes well tomorrow. It is hard telling what is going to happen. We have been doing a lot of praying at this point seems to be all that we can do. We are just glad that we are getting answers.

Well, hope that tomorrow is a good day for you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Cindy Martin said...

Hello,Saw you all on the news video. Waved at you but you didn't wave back. he he he,Glad all is going well now that you are so Famous .. Keep on spreading the word, Love you all. Johnny said came through Corinth Mississippi , Had hauled from Merridian Miss. and Laurel Miss. When he was Trucking Years ago. Jason and Johnny say Hi. Love and prayers for a safe trip..

Rach said...

Everything checked out fine at the neurosurgeon. He is not concerned at what they found.
It is back to the neurologist to see what is causing the headaches. Surgery is still on for Tuesday the 7th.