Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Days 160 & 161

Hello, again!
Today (Wednesday) is cloudy and overcast.  It's supposed to rain more today, but the storm missed us last night!  Windy and a little rain but no storm.
We went down for showers last night and when we were done, Robin (Clayton) knocked on the door and invited us over to the fellowship hall for pinto beans, corn bread, & sweet tea!  Then Glen (Houpt) asked if we ever had southern fried corn bread?  Of course we had not, so he gave us his. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  Thanks guys!!  You know you gotta love a culture that fries just about everything!!  And still live long healthy lives!!!!  Hmmmm...the north might want to have a look at that!  The rat race is the most unhealthy environment ever created! 
Bob and Casie are doing fine and loving their space.  Finally hit the hay a little.  Bear and Sugar are enjoying their lives as bed potatoes.  Glad we have them all along for the company.
Funny story.  I went to the laundry mat the other day.  There was an attendant there reading a magazine quietly.  I was looking for a fish place I had seen earlier so I asked her if she was familiar with the area.  We chatted for a bit before she asked what gave us the idea to do this trip?  So, of course, I told her.  I said, the Lord.  She said, what?  I repeated that the Lord had sent us on this journey.  She just looked at me and said uh-huh.  Then she sent a text.  That was it!  Her phone never stopped jingling again the rest of the time I was there!  And our conversation was over.  LOL!!!  I can just imagine what those text were about!  We were probably every kind of crazy!  But, maybe she was just speechless! Ha Ha!  With all the different reactions we get, I just thought it was funny.  Maybe you had to be there ;)
Jenny...missed us, thank God!  Miss you guys!
Rachel...Safe and sound.  We have a good look out!
So, chores today, church tonight.  Sure is great being where we can hear the Word regularly!
God bless.  Talk to you tomoorrow!


Nita said...

Just checking in - sending miles of smiles and prayers for all good things ♥

~Nita and the gang

Nita said...
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Cindy Martin said...

Hello speaking of cornbread, Thats what Johnny wanted for his supper tonight.Warm cornbread in a bowl with milk in the bowl.Hope all is well Thinking of you all. lol Johnny, Cindy and Jason

The Jones' said...

Sorry we haven't been in touch with you lately. I got second in the last pull we had. Glad to see all is well. Wish you all the luck and health in the world. We can't wait to hear from you again.

Rachel Boyer said...

I am so glad that the storms miss you guys. The missed us too but not south of us.

I am glad to hear that the horses love there spot and that the dogs are doing good. They do make great company.

I can also imagine what those text said and what was crossing her mind. She thought that you were crazy. But, there are those of us that understand what you say about taking the trip.

Well, I am going to get off here. Got to go to the doctor tomorrow. Praying that I get to go back to work.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family