Friday, March 2, 2012

Days 162 & 163

Hi all!
Not much shakin' but the weather!  It is HOT!  With a high chance of tornadoes!  The only draw back of the south.  But...what ya gonna do?  My prayer today is for the weather to clear.
Other than that, Bible study tonight and all is well.
Except Bob.  He is out there yelling for his oats.  Now that I feed them in the morning, I realize that he thinks he is part rooster.  He will stand out there at between 6:30 & 7 and "talk" to the wagon.  What a goof.  Oh well, that means his tummy is good and he can get fat again!  Only this time, we'll turn the fat to muscle as it comes! 
Supposed to have a couple of oxen and maybe even some strange horses up here tomorrow for some exercise and fun!  We'll see what the weather does tho.  Wet field is no bueno for that!
That's about it!  I'll keep you posted on wind and cart rides tomorrow!
As usual, I believe we are the most blessed folks around!  God is so good!!
Have a great day in the Lord!  God bless!


Cindy Martin said...

Had alot of strong winds and a few sprinkles so far. Others wern't so lucky. Madisonville about 20 miles from us got pounded hard. Demolished a skating rink.Downed several trees and power lines.Wish you well and pray for better weather Good nite give Talking BOB his oats...ha ha
Johnny, Cindy and Jason.

joan said...

Would love to see Bob talk to the wagon. Casie might have to chime in too,

Crickette said...

Praying for safety for all your entourage! God will keep you all safe!

Rachel Boyer said...

Glad that at least someone has the hot weather is was really cold here.
Yeah tornadoes seem to be attracted to the south. Hope that all is still good there.

We are good here got cold here today and had some snow flurries.

Hope that you guys had a good day.

Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love always,

Rachel and Family