Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 168

Hello, again! 
Well, Mark gave his notice at his job.  That means we will be moving over to the other spot soon to watch Bob grow!  He's in good shape, just not ready for a long haul.  We will probably do some short trips with him soon!  Get those muscles all ready for the cross country stuff!  Plus we'll be doing a little farming/gardening to boot!  Good healthy stuff!
If you noticed, I added a link.  This is the man that Mark and I went with to Israel.  I know we've talked with some of you about our great adventures there in '05 & '07.  Check it out.  It's a brand new website and has alot of good information in it.  And for those of you that want to "someday" go there, well...........Mr. Hodges is awesome!
We had a visit from Robin Clayton the other evening.  He told us about the church buying this land that is called Halelujah Hill.  The vision for this is evangelism!  How perfect!  In May there is going to be some music and saving going on up here!  Good stuff!  Better get busy moving the "apples" ;)
Rachel is asking for prayer for those darn headaches.  They just don't want to go away.
We thank you for your prayers for Mark, as well.
2 Ruths' need healing prayer.
Jones'...awesome!  Stay in touch more! guys are always up to something fun! in Sept.  We'll eventually get back to MI. But not to live.
Terri...agreed.When the Lord says go!  We'll be gone for sure!  And thank you for your prayers.
That's about it!  Horses are good, dogs are good, we...have issues.  Chest for Mark, chest and cough (again) for me.  This too shall pass.  Thank God!
God bless you all and have a great day in the Lord!


Rachel Boyer said...

Glad to hear from you again. I look forward to reading your blogs. They honestly make my day so much better.

I hope that Bob will be able to put some weight on and you will be able to travel. I just love to hear about what kids of things happen and who you come in contact with. You have met a lot of really nice people and I love to hear about them.

Thank you for the prayers for my headaches. Still in and our of the doctor for them. Trying new things but not working. Kind of getting discouraged. So right now I am praying for answers and praying because I am getting discouraged.

Prayers for you and Mark as battle your sickness. I hope that you guys get better soon.

You are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

crickette said...

Prayers for you both, for better health!. You have both helped a lot of people just by adding your prayers! God will see you healthy soon. I enjoy reading about the adventures you have! You will be back on the road soon!

Cindy Martin said...

Has been a rainy day all day long.Suppose to clear up tomorrow. Hope your weather is nice and sunny.You all hurry up and get well.I took a couple of extra days off. Hope that Jason will hook up and drive me to church Sunday... Lol and take care.

cowboybob813 said...

Glad to hear all is well. God does have a purpose he takes his time letting us know .We are in a nice place here in Geronimo Oklahoma. Horses are fat and like yourselves wish to be on the road .The drought is ending and grass is growing .Hope to have grazing when we head out .It is so hard to sit we now have sat as long as we traveled .The people in this area are very nice and make it hard to start out again .Waiting for a few things to come to pass and will head west. Hope God takes care of you and your critters .Take care cowboybob