Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 190

Good morning!
A couple of prayer requests!
Shawn Arnold needs prayer for his knee.  Several surgeries, still a problem.
Bob Anderson will be having surgery on that broken leg today!  No fun.
The ladies that are on horseback from Michigan to Houston are almost there!!  Their mission is to raise money for water wells in Haiti.  We traveled with them twice along our journey, one week each time.  We hope we were as much of a blessing to them as they were to us.  And the God story that goes with that travel is this...  When they asked if we were willing to pair up with them, I voiced my concern that we would have to find places to stay that could take 7 horses and 4 people.  That's aLOT of space!!!  Well, we never missed a beat.  God provided everything for all of us!  Hay, pasture, accomodations for the girls...everything.  We pray their journey ends well and soon!  Good job soldierettes!!
We will be starting our move today.  Probably go in the morning!  This has been such a nice place that we hate to leave it!  We will be heading for the 5 acres that was first offered.  We have beenn able to get water and electric in place so we'll be all good!  Hope we get a signal out there so we can still blog!!!
Yesterday was entertaining.  First, the dog (Bear) pulled me off the front of the wagon!  Ouch!!  Bruises and sore but, gonna make it!  I'm too old and heavy to fall square on my bottom from 3 feet up!  But then again, that's seems to be where most of the padding is!  LOL!!
Then...we moved the horses.  We always bring them to the wagon while we do that.  Mark brushed them and fly sprayed them while I moved fence.  Good Heavens it looks like we have an extra horse in all that winter coat they shed off!  So, anyway, Casie (Miss short attention span) has a habit of kicking the side of the wagon.  With Mark right there she's not too bad but as soon as he walked away, she kicked the door off the outside box!!!  Then, apparently, she decided rubbing on the cover would be a good idea.  I can now see sunlight through a bunch of little tiny holes!!!  More repairs to make.  Oh well, we can get to our next spot and take it from there.  Yikes, that girl.  She also has taken to flipping the 25 gallon water tank. you think she's bored?!?!?!
And yet, all is well.
This morning I am going to go down to the church to see the soldiers come through.  This weekend is the 150th anniversary of the civil war battle of Shiloh.  Shiloh is about 25 miles from here so the Corinth soldiers will be walking out there.  They are stopping for water and food here.  I'm excited to see them.  The reenactment will be Saturday and Sunday.  Awesome stuff!
So, with that...I better get moving so I can get down there for pictures.  Hope I get some great ones!
God bless and have a great day!!


Rachel Boyer said...

Glad to hear that all is going good.

Sorry that I have not been on much. Been in and out of doctors offices. Not really sure if we are any farther than what we were when this all started. They have me on meds right now to try and help me fight the headaches but that only works half the time.

Right now we have a house full with my best friends/sisters kids. There is four of them. But, they are good kids.

Well, I am going to go lay down. Been fighting this headache since Tuesday night.

Love always,

Rachel and Family

Ron and Thelma said...

We are west of Corinth about 2 miles. We are camped at the Corinth RV Park. We were at the interpitive center last evening to see the men camped out with their horses . They had a lot of them Where are you camped at. We are going to the reenactment on Sat.

Cindy. said...

Hello, Have been thinking of you all and told a few people about your travel, but today is the first time I have set down and took time to look at your blog.. Been a little busy.. Looks like you all have too.I,m on vacation now weeeeee for me, Jason starts spring break Mon. Hope to go wagon riding and camping out.Pray for us on our journy and we will be praying for you too. Cindy Jason and Johnny.