Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 186

Hi all!
What a beautiful day it is!
We got some new prayer requests this morning!  From Gina, in Chalmer, IN.  When we met her, she drove 2 towns over to get us some oats and then met us back on the highway to deliver them!  Such a blessing.
Well, she and her famikly are being attacked from all sides!  She needs prayer for her mom.  Mom is 85 and set for surgery on April 10th.  The Dr. asked if she was sure about this and she just doesn't want to end up a burden so she said yes.  God's will is our prayer.  Gina's brother just had an accident on his harley.  Her daughter is very ill, and she (Gina) is just struggling with it all.  Gina could use some good strength, peace, and comfort prayers.  In my opinion, that family must have a victory coming their way to be so under fire!
Isn't that the way it is in life?  Well, that's how we build strength.  Going through the tough things.
Thanks in advance for your prayer support!  That's why we love yall!  Your so faithful.
We'll be moving those two grocery hounds again today.  We put them in a really nice grassy spot and WHAM!!  Mowed down to nothing!  Good thing we are sitting in a HUGE grassy spot!  It's so good for Bob to graze all day.  He's doing much better.  Now if that mare would stop be snotty to him, he'dd be all set :)  They have a birthday in April!!  The 3rd, I think.  They'll be 9 years old!  They don't even know what a service they have been to the Lord!  Wouldn't it be nice if we all just knew our master and went and did whatever He said?  Whenever, wherever, knowing that he'll give us everything we need when we need it?  Well, we surely know that!  But without a doubt or worry ever?  Hmmmmmmmm...maybe the blinders????
Anyway, off to do chores.
God bless and have a great day!
Cindy...thanks for the prayers, he's getting thru it all.
Terri...hard stuff sometimes.  But we've learned to just wait.  Folks like you keep us encouraged!
Ed...Boy, that seems like forever ago!  Thanks for following and...point taken.  Thanks for the traffic tip, I never even thought about that!
Sandi...Thank you so much.  I will definitely work harder to get the blogging done!  Thanks for following!  And the encouragement!


crickette said...

Prayers for Gina and also for you and yours!. With the gas prices going up, there will be more motorcycles on the road. I hope the bikes dont bother the horses!. The horses arent old, They are in their prime now! I cant wait to read more of your adventures!. Praying for a safe and comfortable trip!

sandi said...

Prayers to Gina and her family. Prayers to you and yours also.
Thanks for the posts . Glad all is well and in God's hands. Amen.

CLOE'S said...

Hello to you both and the horses, so happy to see you all are doing so well. We too are traveling ,but in not the same manner - in Oregon right now and the weather is overcast and a little windy. We know the LORD will lead you to where HE needs you the most! and you will know HIS desires. Blessings and prayers always to not only you but all who seek them through you.
John and Judy Cloe - Greencastle, IN