Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Days 187, 188 & 189

Good morning!
I have a prayer request for my sister-in-law!  Her name is Sharen.  She is having surgery today to remove some pre cancer cells.  So prayers for her comfort and healing through that.  Then...they will send tissue to the lab to check the deep cells.  Can we all pray together that everything comes out clean and shiny???  Thanks so much!
Our friend here, David Dodd, had knee replacement surgery Monday am.  Please pray for a fast healing and no pain!  Not much keeps this brother down!
I got a text the other day from our friend, Adam Day.  It was a picture of an over 4 foot long timber rattler that he said a state worker found about a mile up the road from us.  GROSS!!!!  I REALLY detest serpents!  When we first moved to MI, one chased me out of my garden.  Ok.  So that was a grass/gardener snake, but still!!!!  I limped for a month from jumping the fence!!  LOL  Then when my grandson, Ryan, got big enough (you know, about 4 years old), he would come with me with a hoe or shovel to kill them for me.  Or...stopping the lawnmower and dropping the blades all the way down worked just as well!  I know....SISSY!!!!  Oh well.
We are going to look at 5 acres today (this afternoon) and see if we can park out there for a bit.  This is a different 5 acres that we are going to move to in the interim.  All in all, we'll be moving in baby steps here soon!  You know what that means!  More people!!  I LOVE meeting people!  The Lord put you all in our path and I'm sure He has more!  Doing His work is good stuff!
So, I'm off and running for the day.  All the Monday errands are waiting for me (I've been without transportation).  So, have a great day.  Hold on to your faith, and pray hard!
Crickette...Thanks for your prayers and the mc tip!
Jesse...Thanks for the video
Sandi...Thank you for your prayers
Cloe's...Thanks so much and travel safe!
God bless!

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