Sunday, February 5, 2012

Days 136 & 137

We're still here!!!!
Still having a rest at the North Corinth Baptist Church!  We went with Adam and Meg Day to their church last night for pizza and the movie "Courageous"  Awesome movie and great company!  Then this morning we went to service here and were blessed with Pastor Bill's preaching!  We sure are getting caught up on our churching in this spot!  Feels great!!  So many times we end up just out of reach of a Sunday or Wednesday service.  We can walk to this church!!!!
We got our morning exercise today!  Oh about 5 am we heard the horses run passed the wagon!  NOT GOOD!!!! They were out in the field by the time we got out there.  Normally, we can just bang a bucket and they come running.  That didn't work this time, tho, because they had just finished eating their buckets of oats set up for morning plus every other container they could kick or bite open!  Ugh!  So, when they saw us coming, they headed out the gate and across the road!  Mark got them called back while I ran for their leads!  Mark got Bob all contained so Casey wasn't hard.  She did, however, take one more lap around the field and right on by me before she submitted!  The fence is now repaired and prayerfully they will leave it alone.  That's Casey's new pass time. Kicking and breaking the plastic stakes.  She did get a zap after we got them put up and I must ashamedly admit...I cheered!  They need a couple of good zaps to remind them what that fence is there for!!
We moved them yesterday to get them out of their private pond.  Casey was having a great time running!  Then we noticed Bob started stomping.  FIRE ANTS!!!!!!!  So, we moved the horses again!!  That was yesterday afternoon tho, before the break out.
The other day we met David Dodd and his son Nathan.  They say they always need prayers!!
Also, Sharon asked for prayer for her and her husband to be reunited soon.  She is caring for her mother here and he is still in CA.  Hard life.  The Lord will care for your needs!
Rachel is having surgery on Tuesday so we'll all pray all goes well and answers are found.
Sharon...Prayers for you and thank you.
Jennifer...No problem!  Glad to hear that! And thank you!  Love you guys
Rachel...Thank you
Cindy...HEY!!!  We went to church for pizza and a movie last night too!  Hi to the guys
Terri...Never even dreamed it woukld be this way!  Thank you!
Crickette...Thank you!
Nita...HI!!!  and thanks!
Adam and his friend came and took Mark up to Josh Young's for some alphalfa hay!  Prayers for Deb for yet another test this week!
Thanks to everybody for all your help and all your prayers!  We were going to head out tomorrow but it looks like it'll be another day or two.  We won't be moving far when we do! Keith has invited us to stay at their place.  He said they have FISHING!!!  How could we possibly pass that up?!?!?!
Well, that's about all for the day!
God bless and we'll chat again soon!

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Bob Skelding said...

Hey Mark and Deb,

Glad to see you're enjoying the church/school. I stopped and had lunch there and talked to the kids three years ago.

I imagine the team has been enjoying the downtime and are picking up a little flesh.

If you want a nice trip back into Tennessee, try route 22 through Shiloh. The road is good and the park is really interesting. 22 is a good road, all the way to Huntingdon. That's the way I came south.

Take care and God Bless,