Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 70

   Hi Folks! The sun shined all day today. Got a late start...I know...I know...IMAGINE THAT!!! Couldn't be helped though I tell ya. It was all about the food! Joyce bought the horses 5 bales of hay, and us lunch. Joyce is about the kindess soul you will ever meet. A more generous and loving friend you will never find. Thanks so much for everything Joyce. May our Lord smile upon you. She fed us and chaffeured  us everywhere, while we sat out the rain. She saved us at least 4 days of travel.
   So we did probably 16-17 miles today. We are South of Plainville on Hwy 57. Which is what we wanted to do today. It got up to around 40 degrees today...good temp for the horses. Slight wind so we broke into our carharts and stayed cozy. Supposed to be down in the twenty's tonight...but in the mid 40's again tomorrow. So IF we get out & about early...we might do 20 miles.
   Lots of turns today on 57. I mean one after another. Only one good hill, but man oh man the turns just kept comin'. We backed traffic up a couple of times...but we do our best to pull over when we can (when it's safe for our horses). Of course that's not good enuff for some folks. So some important citizen (that's what we refer to the people who fly past us into head on traffic and about cut the horses front legs off...important people...they must be because they are in such a hurry they can endanger any number of lives necessary to keep flyin') called the police on us. Said we were slow & backing up traffic. We had just pulled off the road and an officer pulled up. He talked to Deb...said if 7 vehicles are behind us we need to pull over and let them pass. Deb told them we soon as it is safe. He was very profesional & respectful to my wife...and I am grateful to him for that. We'll just keep doin' the best we can...the officer asked (Off. J.R.Crew) that we pray for Ms. Mattingly, Doug Scudder, and 10 year old Memphis Reiker...they all have cancer. Let's pray for miracle healings, strength, and that they feel no pain.
   Please also pray for the following folks;
  • Joe & Gennie Matthews they offered us some water...and asked that we pray for "everything"
  • Bobbie Flynn and Joe Pershing...Joe has a sister with alzheimers and asks that we pray for a healing
  • John Higgins...for continued good health
  • Joan found us again (God bless her!). This time she bought pizza (yes!) and brought her sister Mary. She asks that we pray for her for good health
  • Joans other sister Rita ...she has a doctors appointment on next Monday for her hip...she has no idea what's wrong. So lets ask God to help with the diagnosis and a quick healing.
  • We also met Joan's niece Maci
  • We also met Doug & his son Sid, they would like us to pray for the Mom, Mindi, and her children Mason & Chloe...for unity of the family.
  • And now we have a of our fellow horse travelers...Cowboy Bob and his family (he is also from Michigan and we call each other once in a while) had his wagon roll over today. Everyone is safe...and they have rebuild parts comin'. Horses and all serious injuries reported. But if we could ask the Lord to hold them up and get them back on the road soon, we would be deeply indebted to all of you.
  • We would also like to pray for our follower, Rachel's, friend.  She has some health issues and her husband is in training to be deployed in January and can't be there with her.  Rachel, our son is army, we surely understand the deployment thing!  No bueno!!  We'll pray for them for that, as well. is an adventure out here! Good night and God bless each of you. Thanks for tunin' in...thanks for praying with us...& thanks for takin' time to say hi along the road. We'll talk with ya'll tomorrow.
I keep forgetting to add that when we were at Graber steel, we also met Nick's son, Marvin.  Very nice family and we enjoyed meeting them!  Thanks Bob for the hook-up!


Rach said...

Good to hear from you guys. Glad that the weather was good for your travel.

I am glad that you had someone that was able to help you out as much as Joyce did that is amazing.

The nerve of people these days. The sad thing is that no matter what you drive these days you deal with rude people.

I am glad to hear that all was ok with your fellow horse travelers. I will keep them in my prayers.

Thank you for the prayers for my friend.

Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow. Prayers are with you.

Good night.


Rick C. Hodgin said...

Oh! Sorry to hear about the dangerous drivers. Also very sorry to hear about the wagon rollover Cowboy Bob had. Whew. All of it makes for nail bighting reading! But The Lord's plan is there. Shield and buckler. :-) I am relieved no one was hurt.

The Amish man I mentioned in my email lives there in Plainville. I've gone to meet with him a couple times. Nice fellow. Very focused.

I sure do enjoy reading your blog. And you're lucky. I'm currently staying with my mom while she's sick. We're just north of Indianapolis and we got over an inch of really ice-packed snow on Tuesday night. The hard stuff that kind of glues itself to everything. Phew! You're lucky to be far enough south to have missed that! For sure.

Glad Joan caught up with you again. That's nice. :-)

Stay focused and forgiving out there. Remember that a kind word can turn away wrath.

Looking forward to your blog each day. May God bless you both, the animals, and your ministry greatly. Peace. :-)

Rick C. Hodgin said...

I was curious about Mr. Graber's steel shop. What was it like? Did they have welding equipment? Or use any non-steel metals?

I know these questions are far removed from your ministry. I'm just keenly interested. :-)

Terri said...

So good to know you are doing OK. Sorry to hear about the "important people" sometimes it just makes ya wonder.

I read about Cowboy Bob yesterday and it was terrible. The best part is that the folks are OK and the horses are OK. Just a little glich in the trip.

Keep up the good journey and we'll all be watching your posts and keep praying.

joan said...

Wow didnt know about Cowboy Bobs wagon rollover. Bet that was scary. I worry about you so much. It was good to see you again. I could listen to your stories all day. I hope you got some rest last nite. It sure was cold this morning. In one of my pictures Casey is sticking her tongue out at me. I would like to send some of my pics to you but I dont know your email addy. If it is somewhere on this blog I sure can't find it.
Take care.
Love, Joan