Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 62-64

   We finally got a minute...and gotta signal. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERY ONE!!!!!!! Hope that each of you is surrounded by those that you love on this day....and plenty of good vittles. We traveled today and did about 13 or 14 miles. Lots of hills so good day. We moved only because we had no cell phone, or on-line, or football...I mean TV signal. Now we have a little of all. I missed my Green Bay Packers....but they won. So all is well in hooville. Sorry to all the Lions fans back home. snicker-snicker.
   But we are getting ahead of 62 was a rain day. We got like 2 inches...and we were SOOOOOOOOO happy not to be on the road. Didn't hurt the horses a bit to stand around and put on the feed bag an extra day either. Plus we had noticed the day before that Casey had a loose rear shoe. Mike & Jeanette (our hosts) gave us the number of their farrier but he was headed to northern Indiana when I called him. So we contacted one of our Followers. Marsan Brewer. She is not only a farrier...but she is an excellent farrier. She attended a specialty school in Florida for farriers. Where she learned how to rebuild hooves after decease and infections. She has saved horses who's only other alternative was death. She has straightened out pigeon toed horses. Just all kinds of miracle stuff. The pictures which she was good enough to share with us were hideous (before treatment) and beautiful after. She asks that we pray for her daughter, Regan, who isn't feeling well and Regan's Grandparents who have some health issues. UPDATE...Mrs. Elliot says Regan is all better!
   So Casey's loose shoe was worn down to paper (even with the driltec). So we are going to have to load up on shoes in Odon. We traveled on day 63. But before we left we met Randy Dyer. Randy is a cancer survivor and has served over 14,000 people out of his chuck wagon. Mike says he is a great cook too! Left Deb & I with a poem he wrote, which is great.One of these days when I don't have much to write I'll type it up for you folks. Randy runs the Rockin' R' Chuckwagon out of Clay City, IN. Anyone who would like to hire his services, I'm sure he would do you right.
   Randy also brought us some gifts from the local dairy farm. They make and market their own cheese and sausage. THE SWISS CONNECTION, also out of Clay city. Thanks folks! ( and eggs and local honey!
   So we finally got on our way..late. And wandered into Clay City ...the Mayberry of  the midwest. Nice folks...'cept the A&W was closed for the season and Deb had her heart set on cheese curds.
   Headed out of town and met lots of folks. Ted Hunner would like us to pray for his Dad who is on life support. Will do Ted.
April would like us to pray for her family. We met Nancy who says she has so many friends with Cancer. The Lord knows who they are...we just pray for healing & comfort in all those cases.
Aletha Mace stopped to talk...she would like us to pray for her childeren.
Got in just before dark. Had to hussle to get camp set & chores done. It was pitch black by the time we were done. It had been cloudy and cold all day. Temp in the 40's. We stayed at Joel & Trisha Oliver. And their childeren Samantha, Jeffery & Breana. Nice folks. They invited us to their Wednesday bible study and we made peanut butter sandwhiches and jumped in the car. Glad we did too. Thanks for the invite and the hospitality folks. May the Lord bless you in all that you do.
   Thankgiving and day 64 another travel day. We stayed on the back roads. Lone Tree Rd. Cut off quite a few miles for us. Lots of hills. we did maybe 14 miles. But we ended up at the farm where Marsan keeps her stocks. She is goin' to reshoe Bob & Casey in the AM tomorrow for us (& them). I gotta tell you folks this is VERY kind of her...this is her week off & she has helped us twice. How many of us would give up 2 days of a single week off to help strangers?
   We are stayin' with the Elliotts. We met Mrs. tonight but not Mr.. They were nice enough to get us settled in prior to leaving for their Thanksgiving. We need to pray for Mr.Elliot. Mrs. is taking him to the hospital tomorrow. His kidneys are not functioning right and she is concerned about conjestive heart failure. Let's please pray up a miracle for this man...& let God get the glory.
  Today we met Shannon Morrison  who would like us to pray for the salvation of his unsaved family and friends...and the world leaders.
   Martha Jackman...was kind enough to offer us a place to stay tonight. And her prayer request is for everyone to have a safe holiday, safe New Year, and SAVE our country.
   Then we had an entire family (annonymous) ask for prayers for our country.
   That's it for Turkey day. We thank the Lord for all that we have and know that all things come from Him. May God bless and hold all of you. thanks for following. Good night!
Due to having so many undocumented days, there were LOTS of comments.  So, I'm going to cheat and just thank you all for your kind wishes and support!  Sometimes you help to keep us going.  We love when you talk to us so we don't lose track of anyone!  Thanks again, and again, Happy Thanksgiving!
P.S.  We had ham steak, broccoli rice au gratin, corn, sweet potatoes, and REAL mashed potatoes for our dinner.  Not bad for a covered wagon meal, huh?  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. But Mark still says we accept leftovers! We will be on 57S south of Lyons ;)  LOL
God bless!


JeNelle G said...

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving. My neice Steph in Crawfordsville, Indiana sent me your blog; as a Christian she thought I would enjoy and be touched. I am. Though you may not come through Slaughter/Zachary Louisiana, may the Lord guide and keep you safe through out this journey. His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is they faithfulness.(Lamentations 3:22-23.

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Really enjoy reading your blog. :-) Look forward to it each day.

Ray Ray said...

It was great to hear from you. Glad to hear all is going good. You are in my thoughts and prayers.