Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 52

Well there was escapin' it...we were ready to hitch up and pull out ...and here comes Ann & Bill with breakfast and a lunch. We hadda great stay. The sunshined for us all day today...but man-o-man is the wind blowin'! I think it was supposed to get up around 60 degrees...but ya couldn't tell ridin' the wagon seat. I think I shoulda left the seat belt staps on for days like this. Lucky I'm a fat man or Deb woulda been ridin' the driverless carraige.
   But we prabably did 14 miles today. I spent some time this morning adjusting the breeches, took um up some. Thanks for the tips guys. We went 341 south to 55 Se to 25 south. Passed threw a couple of small towns and met some great folks. We are now just south of Wingate. They have this HUGE forest in Southern Indiana that we are goin' to have to negociate around. They have these huge ravines in them and slopes. There isn't a straight line in them. So we will pick our way around them a bit. We should be on Hwy 25 heading south for a couple of days if anyone is lookin' for us!
   The horses pulled great today. Even Casey pitched in to help....amazing. She was prabably bored not being able to hear anything in the wind. All the pieces stayed together on the no repairs today. And that my friends is a great day. They put an article in todays paper in Lafayette. Nice article with a picture off our blog. That always seems to help on the road. I
   First off a thanks to our new hosts Craig & Donna Wilson. Casey & Bob have a nioce piece of grass and we have water & electric. Life is good! Thanks so much to them both. They have a child serving serving in the marines and would ask we pray for all of our military. We also met her daughter Holly Yarger who brought the kids down to see the horses and outfit. They seemed more interested in the covered wagon than anything. Deb had to give them each a tour. Good stuff.
   On the road we met Teresa Ligget would like prayer for her sister Amy who ios battlin' cancer & thyroid problems. Allison (her daughter) asks that we pray for safe travels for her and her friends as they travel to cheerleading.
   Some of Amy's friends were Emily...she would like prayer for Katie Sheaf & family. Allison Fay would like us to pray for her family. We also met Krista Keeling.
Donna Brittain stopped to visit with us. She offered us a couple of bales of hay, which we sure could have used...but we would have had to tear the entire trailer apart to store it. And that didn't seem like the best idea hitched along side the road. So we had to let it go. She did ask that we pray for her 89year old Mom who is sick in the hospital. She asks that we pray for God's will in her Mom life and that she be comfotable.
   We jawed a bit with Alic and Dollie along side the road. They ask that we pray that God stays in their lives.
   We stopped at a gas station for a moment to relieve them of some of their goods and ran into Denver Slone and his two fine youngsters spending the day with him. They ask that we pray for them to stay safe cuttin' wood.
   We also ran into one of Charlie & Tedi's friend and Sue who asks that we pray for her family.
   That's our day! The wind is still blowing the wagon around somethin' fierse. Hope the fence holds and we're not chasing horses in the AM. Good night and God bless to all. Thanks for travelin' with us. Talk at ya'll tomorrow.


Bob Skelding said...

Hi Deb and Mark,

If you stay on US-231 from Cloverdale to Worthington, then pick up 57 south you should be clear of any big hills. But after stopping in Odon (the Amish community is just south of Odon - centered on Rd 900) steer toward Owensburo. It should be an easier crossing of the Ohio & that way you'll miss all of the coal truck traffic south of the town of Washington. Once you get into Kentucky, head west again to pick up 41 south. This will keep you clear of the hills.

Terri said...

Sounds like things are going well and you had a good day. That is always good to hear. Prayers are always with you for your safety, health and success. Glad to hear Casey has decided to do some work. It's also great that you are getting words of advice from the WagonMaster. BTW WagonMaster, I saw Jake in October. They honored him at the Great Lakes International this year.
Keep on with the Journey, Deb and Mark, you are doing a super job!

Crickette said...

Im glad to see that your household is intact! Prayers for a safe trip! Your blogs are great, It makes me feel like I am there!