Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 61

So day 61 brings us more of the same weather as day 60!  Drizzly, misty, blah!  But, still knowing that Tuesday is supposed to be the worst of it, on we go! 
Today we passed under I-70. Whew!  Finally got rid of some of the traffic! Still some hills, but manageable.  The horses did very well at the HUGE interchange!  Four truck stops, lights, overpass, and trucks coming out of every drive available!  They are getting so grown up!!  Very proud of them.  Not perfect, mind you, but alot better than the early days! 
Officers EVERYWHERE!!  BTW...don't pass fancy black new Dodge Chargers!!!!!  It just might be that you got yourself a ticket!!!  I only know this because when we were resting the guys, he was the officer that was kind enough to stop and make sure everything was ok.
We met Kenny Crandell.  He was just stopping to check us out!
Then down the road a piece, Pastor Olin Strader stopped for pictures and a chat!  He would like prayer for a revival in Brazil!  In his church and everywhere!  He is concerned about where this country is going!
At a house away from where we stopped for the night we met Doug and his daughter Callie Ream.  Callie was taking lots of pictures.  The rest of the family is Annette and Jenna.  Their prayer request is for Jenna to get to feeling better.
Then we came to the driveway of Mike & Jeanette Ledgerwood.  They were in their truck by the road.  Mike called out that the horses lookes thirsty!  When I said they were, they invited us in.  And here we are!  We met Mikes mom and 2 of his sons, Levi and Jeremiah.  Nice family.  Went in for pizza and showers and some good conversation!  Great people!  Once again, going to get a little redirection.  Staying a safe distance from the worst of the hills.
While putting the horses up, we all noticed that Casey has a loose shoe so that will be a farrier call tomorrow.  Looks like we only need a tightening so it should be a quick fix.
We are in Center Point, IN. And ready for some good sleep!
So, good night and God bless to all of you!  Thanks for reading :)
Don...Detroit Shemoit,  No worries!  Great to hear from you.  We sure miss all you guys!
Nita...Thanks again for the dinner!  It was an honor to meet you as well. and the gang!
Marion...Thanks for sticking with us!  We sure miss everyone!  Stay in touch!
Good night!


Bob Skelding said...

On my first journey with the wagon, when I drove south of I-70, everyone said the weather would be better, but the same snow was blowing on the south side as the north - ha ha. But on the bright side; if you keep driving straight south, you should about keep pace with the advancing winter. I-70 is a big hurdle. Another one will be when you get south of the Ohio River Valley. Before you know it, the Crocuses and daffodils will be poking out of the ground and it will be almost time to head north, so you don't get caught in the south during the summer heat.

When the days got really cold, I always took comfort in the warmth of the hearts of those I met.


Randy Stutler said...

Wc really appreciated the opportunity to extend our home to you folks and your amazing horses. May God watch over you and keep you safe during your great journey! Tell Bob and Casey thanks for the fertilizer. Hopefully it brings a bountiful harvest next year! Stay safe and God bless you all.

pastor.jaime said...

Thank God for a good place to get some rest! Love you guys! <3

DarkneZZ said...

Excellent journey.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I live in Washington, Indiana and I am hoping I get to meet up with you somewhere. I am a follower of Bob Skelding. And found your blog thru him.

Nita said...

Bless you, and thank YOU for keeping us informed via this blog! Much love and prayerful blessings to you two (and the horses and your rescues!) and your journey,
~Nita and the gang

Ray Ray said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. I wait to hear about how the day has been for you. I try to keep up with you everyday. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope that the weather will get better for your travel.

Chad Read said...

Pastor Bob Read said... So glad things are going well, and excited that you met Pastor Strader. He was my pastor years and years ago. Our church continues to pray for you, and we are so glad to have met you and your wife and Bob and Casey! Keeping track of you through our children, Love to you both!

Rick C. Hodgin said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marsan said...

Hey Mark & Deb, I've been checking your blog daily and have missed you guys the past couple of nights. Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you make it to Linton, there at the stoplight at Walmart, if you turn left onto HWY 54, go a couple hundred of feet and there is my church the First Christian Church and they are providing a thanksgiving dinner from Noon until food is all gone. Please feel free to stop in and get a meal. I hope to meet up with you guys again when your in/near my town.
Marsan the Farrier

Terri said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both. May you continue safely on this great journey and continue giving and receiving blessings from God.

crickette said...

praying for a safe trip and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!