Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 42

Hi all!  We had a good day!  Made a few miles and met lots of great folks!
Last night, Dorothy took me for a ride down a couple of roads to show me how to miss the biiig hill.  Looked pretty simple.  Beautiful little windy road to start then across a bridge that is a little longer than the ones we crossed before, but simple enough. 
So we started out by having doughnuts and coffee with Dorothy and Ralph and Linda.  Great folks! Their prayer is with Ralph's sister Ruth.  She had a tumor that ended up being cancer.  So if we could all lift that family up in prayer.
Dorothy says she is just thankful for everything she has in life.  Her grandson, Brandon, will be going to Guatemala soon to work.  We pray for his safe travels!
Afterward we went out to pack up and get hitched.  Across the field comes a whole gaggle of little ones!  How cute are they!  All walking in a group like a field trip.  They all got their pictures taken with Casey (Bob was busy ignoring everyone) and then I got a group picture!  They were great!  And so patient waiting to see the horses hitched!  Good fun.
So, after we got down the road, and crossed the big bridge, the not so simple set in.  Darn it!  I missed our turn!  I knew it too.  But we met a few folks in the tiny town and figured we'd hit a county road if we just kept going west.
We met Dan LaBay.  He would like prayer for his mom's job and health for the family.
Then Sandy Sermon.  Her husband just got over pneumonia and is trying to quit smoking.  One week so far!  So her request was for health for her family esp. her husband.  She also had her grand daughter Morgan Carter with her for a picture.
Ron Helsen says that prayer for his grandchildren is always good! (Don't we know it!)(Gotta love those babies!)
Then we got called over into a parking lot by Paula Cosgray.  She thought we might need a break.  She didn't have a prayer request but did tell us we better turn around because there was a HUGE hill right in front of us!!!  I KNEW I missed that darn turn!  Thank the Lord for sending her right there though.  We were able to cut right back out of that parking lot and get back on track.  Whew!  THEN all the sights were familiar again!
We met Jim Melton.  He blessed us and gave us some good feed advice that matched what Dale (friend from home) told Mark just yesterday.  Even told us where to go to get it.
A car pulled up next to us and asked if we were ok (horse watering stop). We said yup and she asked where we were going to go next that there was a good place to eat in Chalmer.  Of course we never know that (where we might be next).  She said that she is very blessed and drove on.  It wasn't long and here she came back with lunch for us from the diner in town!  How awesome is that?!  She said her day started out so bad that she just wanted to do something REALLY nice for somebody today and there we were!  She wanted to know what else she could do for us so we asked for directions to the feed mill.  She said it was down the road we thought but we wouldn't make it before it closed.  So we gave her some $ and she went to the next little town and got us 100 lbs of oats and delivered them back to us roadside!  I don't know which of us felt more blessed but Gina Culver...Thank you so much!  Gina also has a brother that is a single dad and doesn't have a job, so we pray for employment and wisdom for him.
We turned onto Chalmer Rd next.  That's when we met Lori Ringer.  We told her that it was time for us to get off the road for the day.  She said we could come to her house.  When we told her how much room we needed she was still in but we thought...nah...we don't want to tear up your yard!!  She made phone calls and we saw her again a little luck so far.  Another young lady pulled up next to us and said that she heard we were looking for a place to stay and gave us directions to her house.Then we got to Gina's house.  With her was Brian and Christi Perry. Christi was the one that just gave us directions! Brian came out and talked with us and gave us directions and showed us from where we were, their house.  So, that's where we landed!  At Brian, Christi, Shelbi, and Haley's (a.k.a. Boots) house.  The horses are out in the pasture and loving the space.  When we took them out and let them off their leads they ran the other way!  I'm pretty sure they think they are free right now and actually ran away!  Funny guys!  They came back up for the oats tho!!!
Right before we got here, we met Robert and Mary Haderle.  They actually rode the Mormon Trail in '96 and '97.  There was a memorial placed to commemorate and their names are on it.  Nice!  They are 84 & 85!  They will pray for us and we will pray for their good health!
Well, that was our day!  We would like to thank Lori Ringer for helping put us someplace for the night and coming back to visit and bring us banana bread mmmmmmmmmmm!  And her husbands name is Dale.  He is out of town this week.  But 2 great kids, Grace and Aiden were with her.  Grace had surgery on her mouth on Monday so let's also pray for a really fast healing there! And Aiden took some pics before they left!
Brian admitted that when Lori called him about us, he was hesitant.  Who wouldn't be? We are strangers and in this day and age that NEVER sounds like a good thing!  That is why I want all of you that have allowed us to squat, to know how really thankful we are.  Thank you just doesn't cover it.  But thank you! From the bottom of our hearts!
God bless from Chalmer, IN!  See you tomorrow!

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cowboybob813 said...

Finally found a article that showed your wagon and horses We are in Winamac north of you with plans to head due west Even with weather approaching We stopped a day to help some people with their horse Now we need to head west coming into Iowa or northern Missouri This is to avoid the hills by St Louis We are traveling with lights instead of heavys A 3abreast front hitch on lead wagon with a team on supply wagon We also hope to beat the weather but a late start has us hoping we will get lucky We are heading to Oklahoma and hope we can find hay when we get near there as the drought has made it hard to find Horses might have to use cake for feed due to the drought We hope to winter in Arizona then north to Colorado Iowa and Missouri have communities of Amish which we hope to stay near for farrier work We will need a reset in a few weeks We will keep in contact you can find us on Fb at slow road travel God Bless and safe travels