Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 55

Good start this morning on our 10 mile venture to Walmart, It was high time to re-up.Talk about drawing a crowd.Lots of hills today on Hwy 32. By the time we got to Wally-world the horses were plenty sweated up. But they actually got a good lunch today. Plenty of water, hay and some oats. We pulled their bridles and left their gear on and tied them off on the side of the wagon.
   It was 4:00 o'clock when we headed back out onto Hwy 231. Very-very busy. Lots of trucks...but Bob did well. We have been heading back east a little to catch this hyway because of the hills getting nasty in the Southern Indiana forests. I know we will still be on the roller coaster but they she be a lot less steeper grades than the county hwy's. Hopefully when we get some miles away from Crawfordsville the traffic will diminish some.
   Speakin' of Crawfordsville 4 lane hwy threw the city...lots of lights and busy intersections...horses did great. All in all good day. walmart cut our miles but that's an OK thing. Gotta do-what ya gotta do. It is goin' to cool off some tonight. So dry & cool is what our horses love. Especially in the hills. God's speed in this pray.
   Now to the important stuff...prayers!
Heather you are very welcome. I was out pleasure and always will be. Just let us know.
Sandy Ford ...health

Dorothy Livengood...her friend Herbie has leukemia please pray for a miracle for Gods' hands. and Dorothy for her back

Frank and Linda Phillips. We had a nice conversation with Frank at Walmart. Linda has breast cancer and we are asking for a miracle healing. Because is in the miracle business. Yesterday-today & tomorrow.

Jeremiah Cummings. His Dad (Larry) just had a heart attack on Sunday. Lets pray his Dad is restored like new. I had the opportunity to Pray with Jeremiah for a minute... let's pray strength & courage for this young man.

We met Linda Harwood she would like us to pray for her Mom, Nancey Miller) who recently had a stroke and she would like us to pray she gets her strength back.

We talked with Kerri Simpson...they are having serious budget cuts in the local South Montgomery schools and they are facing loosing their schools. Pray they can stay open. And please pray for their church as they search for a new Minister.
Terri & Becky would like us to pray that their new grand daughter to be born soon, be whole -complete & healthy.
   That's it for tonight Folks. More tomorrow...I'm to whipped to pop anymore.

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Anonymous said...

i passed you going to walmart that tuesday went to meet my mom and dad and help mom. when i left walmart you were in the parking lot. was in hurry to meet mom at other place. spoke aobut you in prayer meeting at womens center in crawfordsville. will be watching your blogs god bless. we pray evry thursday. then mom called me that night and told me aobut 59 doing interview