Thursday, November 10, 2011

Days 48 & 49 & 50

Needless to say, we sat still for a couple of days.  Tuesday was ishy and rainy and yesterday was too windy to go.  Thank God we had wonderful hosts that allowed us to stay and fellowship with them. They loved the horses and us!!  Bob and Tammy donated some horse blankets, military issue parka's and this morning, through the phone calls they made, we were blessed with 10 HUGE bales of hay! We were right where God wanted us to be. 
So, today we set off.  One snow while we were packing and hitching.  Second snow was pretty good!  Actually stuck!  And, of course there had to be a third! Needless to say...we landed cold and wet.  But thank the Lord we landed!  Had to  unhitch in the dark, but got a spot with a barn light so that helped.
We had a stressful pass through a small city today.  Over the Wabash River, across the RR tracks and then a little further through the city.  TRUCKS, TRUCKS, and more TRUCKS!!  The horses did GREAT!  Stayed calm through it all.  I was more stressed than them.  When I get like that I usually think that I need to help Mark drive.  A backseat driver even in a wagon!  Oh well, must be my job.  He does a wonderful job of ignoring me for the most part so it always works out. ;)
While in town, we met Mike Ross.  Mike works with Brian Perry!  Remember the Perry stay?  Huge pasture, great folks, and that darn pig! Mike would like us to pray for the leadership of our country.  Good prayer!  One we could all benefit from for sure!
We talked with Jim Manley (fellow wagon traveler) the other night and got some good tips.  You all mention tight straps and to be honest, when we hitch them up, everything is just hanging!  However, since you are all seeing the same thing and we are new at this, we will make adjustments tomorrow am when we hitch.  Thanks for the good looking out.  We didn't have any sores but we surely don't want to get any. Gotta raise their butt straps for sure!
That's about it for today.  Thankful that the Lord watches and keeps us as we go!
SMS...Thanks so much we'll do our best!
Bob...Thanks for more great tips
Cowboy Bob...Thank you
Terri...gonna check it out, thanks
God bless to all!
Keep up the great prayers!  Good night!

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