Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 41

Day 41 was a beautiful day! Man it was nice out. I wanted to stay and drop a fishin' line in the pond so bad I could taste them fish already. And the great folks we stayed with offered!  No wind & 60 degrees. If it could just stay like this for a month!!!Yeah-yeah ...I know...YOU ARE DREAMIN' DRIVER! But a man sure can wish can't he????
   So what we didn't tell you yesterday (cuz we were whipped!) was that we had almost no rear brakes yesterday. AGAIN! So I checked the master cylinder this morning and she was bone dry. (we have seperate cylinders front & back) So I broke out the fluid & funnel (note to Don & Larry: ya know that nice board we had over the master cylinders? You know with the two holes drilled in for filling? The one where ya couldn't see inside the cylinders or get the caps off??? Huh-huh-ya remember??? Well blow some taps for it because that thing no longer exists! It went by the way-side the last time I had to fill the front cylinder.) So I laid under the wagon (again) and tried to spot a leak. But alas it was another futile attempt. The master cylinder is empty and I can't find a leak. I don't know whether I'm an idiot or blind...or both...but I can not find the stinking leak! So I filled it and bled the brakes as best I could....got some brake back and headed out VERY late. I will have to address the issue again I'm sure.
   Had a great phone call today from Dale our friend-a fellow christian- and our old farrier from home. Dale helped us get the team started when we brought them home and knew NOTHING! So I talked with him about Bob a little. He had a few great ideas for us to try. The first thing we doing is cutting off grain for a couple of days and let them cool off inside. We are going to look for some oats for them. Take them off the sweet feed. We end up with so many different kinds...and none are the same amount of protiens etc... And just watch them to see if they tire...or lose weight. Just goin' to do a little test. We also are taking a break from the hwy for a few days. Lots & lots of trucks. Just goin' to unstress them a little. And I tried to watch him and see if the noise of trucks or the sight of trucks is setting him off. And I believe that it is more of a sound thing. Because as we come by the farms with dryers running he stresses. He hears a truck coming up behind us he stresses. So if his behavior continues we are goin' to have a look at blockin' some of the sound from him. We also talked about a few other things that I will mention as we do them.( A few things more in line that you talked about Bob.) Also just nice to hear a brothers voice from home. Miss ya Dale!

   So not many miles today. But while talking with the nicest lady, who came out to meet us, I felt a tug at my heart & when she offered an over night we decided to accept. It was way to early to stop and the weather tooooooo beautiful! Even though we had just finished talking with her neighbor who also wanted us to stay. Wish we coulda stayed with them each...but that is not getting us away from winter. Some days ya knock on doors trying to find a place , and other days folks are standin' at the end of their drives! And the reason the Lord wanted us to stop became apparent. Lots of visitors and lots of prayer requests. So I better move on with them!

   Our first blessing of the day came from Becky Hunt. She brought us two cold cokes and a bottle of water. Man was that refreshing. Instead of a prayer she would like that we just thank God for the great harvest in this area! They are so thankful. Becky is also the neighbor who offered us some space.

   Bonnie Hogston would like us to pray for her Husband Glen's back.

   Dorothy & Dick Foutch (or hosts) would like prayer for us and safety on our journey.

   Bill & Connie Foutch would like us to pray for the leaders of their church for vision.Every prayer request is important...every one. Because it comes from the hearts of people. But every once in a while you hear a prayer request that really touches your heart. This one is one of those. They asked for prayer for their church leaders. It is often hard to say or feel, because we don't pretend to know the mind of God. But I feel like they are the reason we are here, and their prayer is very important.So please repeatedly lift this prayer up God, please.

   We met Barb Marvin who prays for our safe journey AND THAT WORD GETS OUT TO THE PEOPLE!  Praise God and let the people know that God is truely God!

   Angie Dyer would like us to pray for her Dad & Aunt Mary and good health.

   Deb & Mike Foutch would like us to pray for her Uncle who has COPD and is going to the doctor tomorrow.
Terri...thanks again
Elsie...No Arizona this year! Sounds like a four up (4 horses) job!  MOUNTAINS!
So, that's all for the day.
God bless to all!

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Elsie Leach said...

Thank you for the swift answer to my question. Our church has 7 members . Every one of us are keeping track of you! We pray for your safe journey, and rejoice that God is with you!