Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 67 we sit!  Rain.  Not all bad though!!  We got to go to church today!!!!  YAAAAY!!!  Great service, great people.  We sure do thank Joyce for the opportunity.  And thank you Pastor Steve Dunkel for a great, encouraging service. Pastor refered to our ministry as encouragement and prayer.  That sums it up pretty good, we would say.  Just trying to spread some hope and blessings.  Hope we have and will continue to all for the Glory of God!  We're just the servants trying to be obedient.
We talked with our "scout" today. We asked for some information on how far we are from our starting point and this was his report:
you are:
369 miles South, South West of Perry to (Odon)  Approx. 7 hours driving time if driving on interstate highways

 Louisville Ky is 92 miles ( 2 hours ) south east of you if driving on interstate
Cancun mexico is  2975 miles south of you but you must  go south west then south then east toward the Grand cayman islands. when in can cun you will be about 800 miles ( over water ) south west of Havana Cuba. you will travel  around the east edge of gulf of Mexico by road  57 driving hours to cancun many of the roads will not be interstate highways but they will be lke bad versions of our US secondary county roads.

 Mount McKinley  /  Anchorage  Alaska,  is north, north west of Odon by 3833 miles /  69 hours,  approx. 600 miles south of the arctic circle.  All  driving distances and hours are based on approx. 60 miles per hour,  US Highways so you may need to apply some MINOR conversions.
 average temp is approx DIRT COLD'
So... now you know.  Thanks Bob!  Good info :)
We moved the horses so as not to completely ruin this spot in the yard and, of course, with that comes the shoveling of the piles!! 
We finally swapped out the kitchen sink pump!  The old one still worked when it felt like it.  Loose connections that we can fix easily enough for later use as a shower! 
I went to Odon with Joyce to see where we were going, thanks for lunch Joyce, and while I was gone, a follower came to visit!  Sorry I missed you Joan!  Mark enjoyed visiting with you!  And we and the puppies thank you!  I'll wear the scarf for sure!  Also glad you got to meet Bob & Casey.  Mark says the ponies are still talking about the carrots!  I'm surprised they ate them!  They won't even touch an apple! never know where we'll decide to cross that darn river!  Looked at bigger maps today and we actually may end up closer to you than I thought originally! 
That's about it for this day.  Football!!!  No Packers tho, they already won their game for the week  
(  ;) Don! ) But vegging to it just the same.
Keep praying and keep believing.  We just thank the Lord for all of you that we know, have met, and are going to meet!  God bless and good night!


Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys today.
I can tell you that the weather is not looking good here in Evansville. They are saying that we could end up with snow mix on Tuesday.
It would be great of you were closer than you thought. My family and I are really wanting to meet you.
I pray for safe travel for you. Hope you got a good nights sleep.


crickette said...

I am glad you had fellowship at church. It always helps the soul to connect with other believers, the more the better! Praying for a safe clear trip for you! I have been tracking you on the map!

Anonymous said...

It sure is cold, I hope you all are warm.