Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 58 & 59

   Hi all!! Sorry no blog last night.  We have limited (at best) signal. 
It's Deb here and I just wanted to clear something up about the T.V. interview.  Don't get me was a great little spot, but I seem to have chosen my words in a way that didn't come out quite right.  Anyway, we are NOT victims!  We ARE victims of the automotive industry.  Not victims in our lives.  Everything is really different than it used to be, but rest assured that we made this choice (the journey) in obedience, not in desperation!  I actually cringed when I heard that part of our story and I should have made myself more clear.  We are doing what the Lord asked us to do.  Simple as that!  And with that...I, again, want to thank you all for so much encouragement!  America is still out here!  YAY!  Loving and kind and generous!  That's all.  I just felt that I needed to tell you all that.  Thanks.  Now, on with the story!!
   Leaving Ty's place was the circus I was fearing it would be. Talked with Ty about the chimp. And not only does not really care for horses, it's just as much, if not more, that he is an instigator. And he made sure he riled the team right up. We usually get hitched up, walk the team out to the edge of the drive or where ever we reenter the road, and stop and read a bit of the word & pray. I tried but nobody was standin' still for all that. Bob wasn't just chompin' at the bit he was frothing and snarlin' to be shed of that strange varment. So I figured we'd take a few steps down the road and let um walk it off. They wanted to do nothin' but RUN but I held them to a fast trot and made sure their feet weren't slippin' tryin' to go. Figured they would settle in a couple of minutes...that turned into a couple of miles!
   I gotta share with you guys...Ty is a good man and easy to talk with. He's just one of them guys ya could chew the fat with all day. He has lived his dreams and did what he always wanted to do in his life. He has made a livin' at it and put all of it right back into the business. You can just tell that he loves it. And his place shows it. There was a couple planning a wedding there Saturday. I'm glad Mark & Rob recommended we stop. He is a man worth meeting in our life. Also met his Dad and brother and had another minute with Ethan Woods. Ty gave us 4 bales for the kids and Ethan delivered. Thanks fellows. Enjoyed the whole bunch from Dad on down. Please folks keep Ty and his struggle with cancer, in your prayers. It would be a shame if the world lost this man so young. He is a fighter....just please help by keeping him prayed up. You folks that're local might let him know he's in your's encouragin' to hear. Ethan thanks for firin' up your toy... please hold Ethan up in prayer...he starts his new job on Monday. This is what he went to school for & what he really wants to do. Good luck'll do great.
   So back to leavin...did the 5 miles to town fairly quick considerin'. There was lot's of hairpin turns so we spent some time lettin' traffic get around us when it backed up. Of course when Bob & Casey got to town they attracted their usual ohhhhsss & ahhhhsss. They are such hams. It has gotten to the point where when they see someone pulled over in front of us they just slow down & walk in behind them. It is tooooo stinkin' funny.
   But they weren't the only stars in town...seems President Clinton was chattin' at the college. I'm only assumin' but I bet if they knew Bob & Casey were comin' they woulda slid Bill off to a Monday or somethin'.  Other wise town was good folks and stop at the mini mart. We jumped off Hwy 231 in town and went down Manhattan Rd., and we are 1 mile from Hwy 40 where we will go west for a while. The locals tell us that 231 will turn into nothing but hills when it turns to forest in about 20 miles. Hwy 40 is a 4 lane (which I am not crazy about because the trucks just will NOTslow down to pass you) and the interstate is under construction and there are apparantly those who think Hwy 40 is there 70 mile an hour alternative. But we will not be on it for too long, so we are goin' to pray up and hit we know what we are doing'!
   We pulled off the road at a big green barn owned by Robin, at Ty's recommendation for our next over night. Ty said if she wasn't around to hang out she would be soon. So we saw a hydrant out front and helped Bob & Casey to some water. A car pulled in just after we finished and said they thought Robin had been gone for a few days and might not be back tonight. And immeadiately offered us up a place to stay with electric & water! YES! So we went about 5 miles further and a couple of good hills and arrived at John & Judy Cloe's place. Rounded our day off to a good day and still plenty of light to get the horses cared for and fence up. Thanks so much folks. I watched a beautiful sunset and took a couple of breathes. Ahhhh. Doin' town is always stressful. Glad it's done.  
 Prayers requested by those we met... Let's lift them up to our Lord....please.
  • A big thanks to Jerry Lewis for a bag of oats he bought and his heart felt request for prayer for his Mother-in-law who is struggling. Our Lord knows exactly what she needs, we just lift her up to you Lord.
  • Dale Sillery asks that we pray for the people in nursing homes, that the Lord be with each of them.
  • Hubert & Amilia Crodian ask that we pray for Hubert who is going into surgery for a replacement heart pacemaker.
  • we met Bill Hutchison who asks that we pray for both of his sons Hunter & Bo. Hunter is healing from mouth surgery.
  • Later in town we met Linda Tyler, she has two prayer requests. First for a 7month old child who just had major surgery on their skull. A second 2yr old boy, whose Mom's boyfriend fractured his neck and other injuries.
  • Our current hosts John & Judy Cloe ask we pray for a church member of theirs who has colon cancer and it has spread to the lungs. Let's pray in some miracles for all these prayers.
  • Deb and I would like to add two more. For John Cloe (our host) who just came back from the ER and has pnuemonia and our friend Bob Anderson who is going into surgery on Tuesday on his lung. Thanks folks. Thanks much.
That's it for me. Deb will respond to a few of the comments. We love when you comment & give us some feedback. We're all in this together and God's pullin' for us, what more do we need? Talk to ya all tomorrow,God bless.
Before I do comments, I want to thank Judy for taking me to the laundromat and pharmacy today.  Both badly needed!  Thanks so much!
Sheila Daraitis / Casting Keepsakes...Thank you so much!
Rachel Boyer...have to wait for better signal
Timothy & Christie Leininger...thank you. And thanks for the thought! Hmmmmm.....
Terri...LOL! And thanks...again!
Darknezz...Thanks, you are too!
Jolie...Thank you...VERY encouraging!
Andi...switching to 40. Then 59 south for a bit
Rick...Thanks so much!
Bob S...I'll email when we have a better signal!  But, yes, you're right on all accounts.
Thanks so much for hanging with us.  We appreciate every one of you!
God bless and good night!

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Ray Ray said...

That us understandable. We live in Evansville thought that if you were coming this way that we could offer you a place to stay for the night. Not sure exactly how you are going. Let me know when you can. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.