Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 47

Rain day!
We got some good things done though!  Got to a feed mill and replaced all the sweet feed with oats so nobody will get over heated or over sugared anymore!  That will help keeping them calmed down more consistantly.  Always good!
We are still with Tammy & Bob.  Great folks.  Bob took Mark to a harness shop and we got a new front clip (bent in the pig incident) some pads sewn in Caseys strap that rubbed her hair off (cause she's chubby) and some good salve recommended by Bob the wagon Teamster.  Thanks Bob!
So, about being where God wants you.  Did I tell you that Bob and Mark have some mutual acquaintances?  Same old man lives.  Same life interests... how does the Lord put this all together like that?  Amazing!
Tammy has expressed that they needed us to show up right when we did.  Good conversation, just loving God.
By evening, Bob was down with his back.  Bad!  And silly us, chatting and visiting, never thought to just put our hands on that brother and pray!!!  Man!!!  The most obvious thing and it eluded us.  So if everyone can pray for this brother and Tammy's health issues, it surely wouldn't hurt!
That's about it for the day!  Made some oatmeal raisin cookies!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
OH, and by the way...I just noticed that all those cards I handed out don't have Perry, MI zip code on them.  It's 48872...sorry, how's that for not paying attention?  Yikes.
So, God bless and we'll be back after day 48 is complete!


SMS said...

Stay safe on the road. Keep the prayer wagon rolling.

Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

If you swing by Walmart, in the automotive section they have some 10 inch long pieces of simulated sheep skin for use as a shoulder safety belt pads. They close with velcro. Pick up a few. They work good for padding straps and for britchen pads if the horse start getting sores there. Bob

cowboybob813 said...

where are your chafing problems i adjust my britching every few days to change where it rides the amish have taught me much about harness adjustment and bickmans gall salve in the pictures that are great i have noticed your straps look tight the only tight strap i have is the tuggs keep the cinch loose when pulling you should seeee day light between it and the horse with brakes on my wagon the britching never is very tight as it is only for braking samuel who we talk with often has shown us how to adjust for wear and a sore raising or lowering point of draft today the 9th was a hard one but better days are ahead we hope to meet up with bob the wagonteamster and may join him on his 5000 trip god bless and safe travels

Terri said...

As I look at the britchen on Casey in your pics, it shows that you need to raise it. It is probably three or four inches too low. Plus as Cowboy Bob says harness straps should be pretty loose. My rule of thumb is about two fingers. The saddle strap(girth) should not be tight like on a saddle either. Everything needs room to move some. The gall salve is good stuff, hope you found some. Another (old Amish) trick is to wipe the horses down where the straps are and the collar rides with salt water. It toughens up the skin. Once you get the adjustments figured out you probably won't have sores. Adjustments take awhile to figure. All in all you are doing great!