Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 54

Good afternoon!  No travel today.  Bad weather reports include tornadoes south of us. Looks good thru Friday after this though. This evening a tornado did touch down in the county we're in!
Before I start, I have to add a request that was added from a couple of days ago.  Heather would like prayer for her step mom's sister that lost her husband. For the whole family we will pray for comfort and peace.  You are in our prayers.
Kathy came out early this morning to give us the weather and we decided right away to stay.  We moved the horses to the back and made enough space in the barn so they can go in if they need to, but, they probably won't cause they just don't like it inside.
We DID take our hosts offer to fish in their back pond today!  I (Deb) caught a 17 1/2 inch large mouth bass on 1 lb. test line!!!  Awesome! and fun!  Funniest thing were the dogs!  Anyone who knows Sugar Ray, knows that she is pretty darn flighty.  So they (the dogs) went down to the pond with us.  They've never been fishing with us. After the 1st fish, first Sugar, then later Bear, watched us cast and that little dog sat right down on high alert!  She GLARED at my bobber until I started to reel it in. If there was anything on that hook, whether fish, grass or seaweed, they were on it!!  All nose! Sugar even pulled the stringer in!  Funny!  They were great!
We had dinner with Hector and Shirley. Shirley has Parkinsons disease. We can all pray for her about that.  She tells of when she didn't have it and that she was such a strong woman.  She has a machine that helps her with some of it but she's sad to leave her old life. Lots of prayer there.  So sweet.
Well, that's it.  Travel day tomorrow.  With Gods help we'll find our way through the hills.
God bless and good night!
P.S. Mark is now eating bass.  He is one happy camper!
Pastor surely is!!

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Heather said...

Thanks so much for adding my prayer request! I will continue to pray for safe travels for you!