Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 60!

Well, spitting rain again this morning.  Not too bad though.  Knowing that we have to travel Hwy 40 and into Brazil, we decided to go on a Sunday and get through it.  Glad we did, too!  Serious traffic in that town!!!  But...very few trucks.  Just what we were hoping for.  40 is pretty hilly but graded very well so we made it without any trouble.  One water stop half way through. 
So, we're plodding along on 40 and a car stops, not a new sight, then everybody from the car bails out with cameras.  This is Nita Larson, Teri, Josh, & Delilah.  Mom, Irma waited in the car.  Nita is one of our followers!  She said she saw us and said...I KNOW THEM!!  Very awesome!  Of course Teri thought we were Amish, but Nita knew better :)
They all had a prayer request for us!
Nita Larsen is laid off and needs to support her family!  So, lots of prayers for a call back or different, even better job!  We know how devastating that can be.
Teri needs lots of prayer for some serious family issues.
Delilah asked for a good outcome on her moms mammogram!  We can pray for that!
Josh is moving all the way to Texas to attend college.  We can all pray for him, his move, his studies, and just a great future for this young man!
And Irma is having some back issues that we could pray for healing on!
They were on their way to a Thanksgiving dinner!  Yummmmmmmmmy
So, we got to the church stop, for water, and Linda Thomas pulled up at the same time.  They were having some youth come to practice for a Thanksgiving event.  Linda got us into the church to refill the water jugs that I just emptied!  Water is so important to us!  For the horses!  Just in case we land somewhere we can't get fresh.  Gotta take care of the babies!!!!
Linda's prayer request is for us and herself to see what God wants for us to do and then follow through.
So, on we go back down the road and here comes a familiar car...IT'S NITA AND THE GANG AGAIN!!  Before they got out Mark said to me, they brought us food. Bet me!  Sure enough!  Everyone had a plate in their hand!  And the host from their dinner was with them this time!  Aaron Slora.  His prayer request is for our safe journey and for all the homeless people!
So, we all prayed together right away before we drove on!  We love praying with people.
A man named Hank stopped to talk and take our pictures.  He is already blessed.
Well, we made it through the stressful town and came out on 59S.  Randy & Denise Stutler and their sons Dawson & Nick have given us a place to stay the night.  Thank you so much, it was getting dark and still spitting rain on us!
We got settled in and warmed up that dinner!  And Randy brought out mexican corn bread!  What a feast!  Those covered plates had ham, turkey, rolls, sweet pots, corn, green beans, deviled eggs, dressing, and desserts.  Plus the cornbread!  You folks know how to throw down!  We'll be napping until next Sunday in case anyone is wondering where we are!  Only kidding!!!!!
That's about it for our day.  The Lord's day!  Reading in Romans 8 this morning.  Boy, that's just good stuff.
Ray Ray...Thanks so much!  I will.
Crickette...Thank you!
That's it, except for the fact that the Green Bay Packers are still undefeated and Mark is a cheesehead!  He's so excited!!  He loves that team!
God bless and good night to you!


Anonymous said...

Mark & Deb,
WOW, 60 days already and you guys have been doing great! I really enjoy reading your blog every morning and following your journey. Keep up your work. I do have one downer to tell you, green bay has to play DETROIT on thurs. So sorry! Keep the faith. Don G

Nita said...

God Bless you! God knew --already had it planned!-- that I was to take 40 instead of I-70 to get to my nephew's house for a pre-Thanksgiving feast (usually go the interstate route). How blessed we were to come upon Mark and Deb! Lord, continue to monitor our course and lead us where you want us to go. Let us be a beacon for others and always a blessing to our fellow man. My heart soared today and to God be all the Glory! It was my honor to have met you two; God Bless and Much Love ~Nita and the gang :)

marion said...

Hi, missed having you in church this morning. Everyone is fine and everything is good. Love you, keep up the good works.