Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 46

Good start to the day.  Tammy & Bob brought water for the horses and breakfast!  We got directions to their house which happened to be just over 15 miles away!  Perfect!  They drove the roads and made a map with mileage because we were on hwy 26.  BAAAAAAAAAD road for horse n wagon.  Narrow, windy, and no shoulder.  So, Bob got us off that as fast as he could.  So off we went.
Had about 5 miles to do on 26.  As always, cars came n went.  Some slowed and of course, some did not.  We came to a small flat spot where the horses could blow off a hill and some cars could get around.  The oncoming traffic wasn't bad.  Little clusters here and there.  A car stopped and asked if we were ok and we said yup, but you have cars coming so he drove away.  The 4 or 5 cars behind him slowed to look but nobody else stopped.  The last car in line was a pick up that obviously needed to go faster than the rest, funny since he was last, when we heard it.  BAM!  He sure did!  He rear ended the car in front of him.  Now.  I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and think that we never know what is on another persons mind...could be family trouble, job trouble, who knows...we all drift once and a while.  Anyway, we moved on since that was their business and we could see they were ok and safely off the road.  Welllllllllll...we didn't get far and here came the local deputy.  Thank goodness he showed up right where we were turning off and flagged us that way.  The first thing he said was, oh wait!  the 1st thing he DID was get out his camera and one is going to believe me!  THEN he said...did someone just about grease you back there?  We told him that it wasn't us he just about hit, but he didn't slow and did hit the car in front of him.  His radio chattered and he said to it, that's the same thing I'm hearing here.  Hmmmmm...wonder what the original caller said???
So after sharing some info in case he needed to talk to us again, and realizing how long it would take us to get out of his county we parted friends.
Hilly backroads around here.  Hwys not much better, but...what are ya gonna do?  Move along.
We met Cecil and Robin Ray along with 2 grandchildren, Jasmine and Colton.  Their prayer request was for health and a life without problems.  Well, don't we know, that last part isn't God's way, gotta know the valleys to recognize the mountains! but that was Cecil's prayer.
Down the road a little way, we met Dina Brunton.  She took lots of pictures and asked lots of questions and told us she had taken the song "One Fine Day" and changed the words a bit.  There she was in the middle of the road and sang her version for us. All about the Lord!  JUST AWESOME!!  You know, sometimes you hear people sing and say...thanks for that?  Not her!  WOW!!  What a beautiful voice!  Thank you VERY much for that, Dina! Very uplifting! *Terri, I should bring her with us for the calming song* So before we said good bye, we asked if she had any prayers to share.  She told us that her niece, Miranda, has been married for just over a year and just had a baby.  Well, the night before they had found Miranda's husband dead.  Unknown why.  He had epilepsy and maybe from that but for now, we don't know the cause.  So, we all need to pray for Miranda.  How lost she must feel right now.   Scared, alone... Hopefully she knows Jesus.  We forgot to ask.  He will help her through.
Dina also has a bad back injury from a horseback accident and asked for prayer for that healing.  She knows the great physician. Amen
Pretty soon we rounded a corner and here came Bob!  He called to us that we were almost there!  Yaaaaay!!!
And we were.  It didn't take long and we saw him waiting at the bottom of his drive waiting for us.  So we called him aboard and up we came.  Got the horses all watered and fenced and Tammy had showers and dinner waiting for us.  Bob and Tammy are new Christians and the fellowship was wonderful.  They could sure use a local church to plug into.  Kind of shopping right now but have found ways to serve just the same.  With horse camp, actually! Anybody reading that has ever had to go through that "shopping" experience will know that it is tedious at best!  Sometimes, downright discouraging!!  So let's all pray in the perfect place for them to land and flousish.  They just love the Lord!  Tammy's sister told her that instead of trying so hard to love Him, just love Him and then let Him love her!!  Awesome advice!
So, the weather says we might be here a bit.  That's ok.  It's not about the's the people.
We were contacted by yet anothe wagon man!  Welcome Jim.  He said he is sitting in his wagon in the rain today.  Sounds familiar!  My guess is that every horse and wagon rig in the midwest is having the same day today!  Why did we all leave so late?!?!?!!?
So, once again, we find ourselves far more blessed than blessing.  That God!  What a guy!  You can never outgive Him!!
So, God bless to all!!

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