Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 65

Good evening!  Well, we didn't move today.  Instead, we made it yesterday to where Marsan has her stocks and today she came and did both horses!  First time we had the opportunity to get them done without holding their feet up.  So, just so you don't think that it was a boring day (it never is with these two) here is their story...
Bob went first.  He did pretty darn good!  Walked right up in there!  We tied Casey right in front of him so they would be calm, since we all know...they ALWAYS have to be able to see each other!!!!
Mark stayed with them and actually got to learn some things from Marsan. I, on the other hand, went to the wagon.  I made some shortbread cookies, some biscuits, and got a little computer work done.  Not before I found the irony in the fact that I could walk over there and either kick or bite him (Bob) if I felt like it!  So I made it a point to tell him that.  How's that for dominating the situation?
Casey stood really well for the time that Bob was getting his pedicure.  Bob was pretty good.  Only rattled the front off the stocks!  He's all boy!!!  Took some time to finish as they are both still getting fixed up from walking their hooves down so far.  But that's OK too.  Hank told us that the next farrier would see what he did and know what needed to be done for correction, and she (Marsan) did. But!!  Bob's feet are in great shape!  Yay!!
Casey's turn!  Oh that girl.  She fussed so much that she actually moved the stocks about a foot.  She was NOT a happy camper!  Was good to get her feet up though.  She'll need more time than Bob before she's in great shape.  In all her fussing around, she managed to cut her nose!  I went out to see her and I felt so bad for her.  Poor baby.......We also learned that Casey has a permanent scar IN her hoof from a previous, obviously deep, wound.  Guess we"ll never learn how that happened.
That was about it.  They both survived and were happy to see the oat buckets come out when they returned to their pen.  They look good.  Look sharp.  Marsan did an awesome job with them.  Anybody in this area would do well to call her the next time your horse needs a trim or shoe!
Marsan took me all the way to her mom's house to show me the way.  That should be our next stop, then on to Odon!!  Spare shoes and a harness shop!  SERIOUS HILLS tho!!!  Have to check it again when we get that far.  But, closer to Odon.
After Odon, we are back to no destination.  Just wherever the Lord sends us.  We read and pray each morning when we're heading out.  Not looking at very good weather for tomorrow either!  Bottom line...we'll be fine.  He wouldn't stick us out here and not take care of us!
That's all for today.  Thanks to all for reading along, we're having a great time meeting you all!
Jenelle...You never know where the Lord might lead us!  And thank you.  Good Word!
Rachel...Thank you!
Goodnight and God bless every one of you!


Rach said...

Glad to hear from you guys again. We are more than happy to have you stay here in Evansville.
Prayers are with you both!


joan said...

I need to find out where you will be staying in Odon, IN. I want to come see you. I looked all over Odon for you today but had no luck.