Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 3 (69) of rain & snow whew!

Good evening to everyone! Yup it snowed today...but the roads are to warm for it too stick. Thank you Lord. Got our harnesses back today. And we hope that ditching the nylon and goin' to the bio material will stop the harshness of the rubbin' and Casey will start some new hair growth. It sure wasn't cheap but if it works it was worth it. If it doesn't...we have a good start on another set of harnesses to go 3-up next year and head west...if we feel like the Lord would like us to.
   The carharts come out of the bag tomorrow! It is supposed to be cool and 10-15 mile an hour winds. That sittin' still in the drivers seat gets cold. Staying dry is the biggest part of that battle though. The sun is supposed to shine ...and I am ready to travel. This is the longest we have ever sat. And I gotta admit...I am ready to get on with the Lords work. I am ready to move. Everybody seems well rested. I am probably more ready than the horses. Wink!
   Bob was shiverin' this mornin' so we put their blankets on. Warmed him up quick. Prbably take us days to dry them back out again. saw all the Amish drivin' horses with them on too. None of the belgians did...but none of them were in a small pen...and lots more fat on them than Bob. Problem is Casey keeps trying to drag it off of him! The girl just ain't right. She see's anything new and she's gotta have her lips on it.
   Feed store-hay-harness shop-shoes-and the water tank insulated (in the AM) we are ready to rock. Should have 5 goods days in front of us. And we need to be sitting on the Southern border of Indiana at the end of it. Close to it anyhow. We are now 6 weeks later than we wanted to be. Oh well...the Lord has cared for us thus far...He WILL continue. That's the kinda God He is. And Punkin & I have lived most of our lives in Wisconsin & Michigan...we know how to weather the storms. We feel like we are well stocked & ready to travel & minister along the way...spreading the news that God is good and He worthy of our praise. If you see us along the way...stop with your prayer requests...and we'll publish them. If you can't meet us...just send them to us through the comments section.
   I have to say...to our followers. We are so proud to have you folks with us praying. When we hear the praise reports and answers to prayers...that you folks prayin' on the prayers you read on this blog. God hears you and loves that you trust in Him enough to pray with faith. You are all an inspiration to us...thanks for praying with us. May the Lord smile upon each and every one of you!
   Good night and God bless each of you. See you on the road or talk to you in our blog tomorrow. And God's speed, safety, and warmth to all our fellow horse travelers. Sure enjoy talking with ya'll.
Hi, Deb here!!  I would just like to say that whoever sent the inappropriate url to our comments, go ahead and keep those to yourself.  Thanks, glad it didn't come through properly so we didn't have to see it.
Anon...It IS cold!!  We are warm.  Thank you.
Rachel...Thanks, and yes, we got the snow :(
Jaime...Thanks so much!  Love you too!!
Terri...Awesome, huh?
Thanks all!  See ya tomorrow :D


Rach said...

Sorry to hear that you got the snow as well. Though it is a beautiful thing it is also a very big pain.

I pray that you have good weather for travel.

I look forward to seeing how things are going everyday with your blogs.

I can say that seeing your blogs have helped to keep me going.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Good night.


If I could ask for prayer for a good friend of mine who is going through a great deal of health and her husband is not able to be there with her right now. He is in training for the National Guard and is being deployed in January.

Thank you

joan said...

My prayer is that you all stay safe on your travels. I am still on a high from meeting you on Sunday.