Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 53

The wagon was rockin' last night & not in a good sense. We had high winds all night. Actually managed to disturb us two tired campers. Worst winds we have encountered yet. Man it was blowing. But everything stayed in place including the fence (thank you Lord). We have a few splices in and a lot of times they'll let go in high wind. But we all stayed intact. A big thanks to our hosts for their hospitality and the hay. Bob and Casey loved it and would recommend it to any horse.
   So I went to hitchin' despite the wind. If we got ten miles today we would be happy. They hitched up & stood good in spite of the gusting wind. So we set out with a nasty cross wind. Some times it was face first. It was brutal...but warm. High of about 60 degrees. But I still had on 2 sweatshirts and my long johns. Never did get too warm. Gusts up over 50mph. The horses did great!
It was the Lords day & He took good care of us! So other than the prayer requests, all we really would like to say today is, Thank you all for allowing and helping us to be obedient and faithful!
Thank God for all of you!  All Glory to Him!!
First we met Dave Weiner.  Dave is a 2 time cancer survivor and is lovin' every minute of it!  His prayer is for continued health.
We met Doc Thompson and his wife Pat.  Pat is having some sight issues.  Every now and then, she can't see the top of things.  Also, Doc has been driving truck for a looooooonnnng time.  Hip issues for him!
Josh and Amanda Stultz ask for prayer for help for their little boys. Cuties!
Gina prays for good health.
Janet just lost her husband and misses him so.  We (and a couple of others) prayed for her at the roadside but could we all pray for the Lord to comfort her heart and give her some peace? Thanks
Bob...You are the best!
Terri...Thanks for staying with us! And for the encouragement!
With that, we'll say good night!  Again, thank you all so much!
God bless!
P.S.  We are staying at Hector's just west of Crawfordsville on Hwy 32.  Don't pray for rain tomorrow, but if, by chance it does...we have been invited to bass fish in his private pond by his daughter, Kathy ;)

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