Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 51

   Well we didn't make miles today. We got an invitation we couldn't refuse... breakfast with Bill & Ann Lawson. And not just the time we left she was preparing us a lunch that could feed a small army). God bless that woman!Lucky we are only spending a few days in this county cuz I would be 300 lbs before we left. Folks're sure gracious and givin' these parts And one conversation led to another & another.   
   Then while we were packing the wagon Tedi & Charlie Stafford came by... next thing you know I am leaning on something and spewin' mass quantities of words out of my face! AGAIN! If I didn't love talkin' with folks so much...Bob & Casey could get a better start time. (I glanced over the fence a couple of times and saw Casey hoofin' impatiently, giving me the look! chuckle-chuckle) So by the time I was done cleaning the horses up it was 1:30. Just great people. I love America!
   So we took the remainder of the day light and tried on the horses blankets. They are a little small...gonna require bungie cords. Did I tell you that there was over an inch of ice on the water buckets this morning? I knew it was goin' to be cold over night so I emptied the hoses and wrapped them up before they froze and I couldn't roll the hoses. ( Probably wouldn't be healthy to trail 2-100ft lengths of froze straight hose behind us!) It was so cold last night allowed the dogs on the bed. AndSugar Ray repaid that act of kindness by chewing up the bottom of the door while we were at breakfast. So we tried our best to repair that today too. If this dog doesn't learn to act right she are goin' to be served at dinner (she'll be my pork chops! ...just kiddin' no hate comments please!) Though I have been callin' her pork chop all day...with a Jack Nicolson gleam in my eye! snicker-snicker!!
   I'm glad we stayed we picked up some VERY worthy prayer requests. Even had a Marine come visit us in full dress uniform. Sure made Veterans day  special for us. And if ya would be so kind...I would like to take a minute to thank all our veterans who have served our country and kept our freedom for us all these years. Thanks so much to all & may our Lord bless you richly. The 11-11-11 seemed to make everybody's day today...and that's cool I reckon. But our vets made made Deb & I's day. A special thanks to our Son Chuck who has done 2 tours. You are in our thoughts and prayers boy.
So, those prayers...
Travis Dill, Marine by the way, would like prayer for his 9 year old son, Shaun, that is autistic. They would also like prayer to find a good home church that will work for the whole family, including Shaun.  You all already know what I think of church shopping...It's the worst!!!
Heather Sullivan has a friend that could really use lots of prayer.
Angel Leal asks that we pray for her aunt Lois move to Texas.  lois is 83 years old.
Dale Campbell would like prayer for his brothers autistic child, Elizabeth in Kentucky.  She is 19 years old and walks and talks now but recently lost her mom.
Once again, we thank you Bob wagonteamster. You are a blessing.
Good night and God bless you all.
P.S. Two interviews today.  Not our favorite thing.


Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

If you're heading south, you probably have to cross the Ohio River at either Evansville or Owenboro. Either way, will put you through or near the Amish Community of Odon, IN. My friend Nick Graber has his steel fabrication shop there. I recommend stopping by to pick up horseshoes. He's the only one in the country that makes hard surface shoes where the drilltech is put on with a wire welder. You can buy them cheaper than you can make them yourself ($38) a set for draft shoes (last time I got them). His address and phone are:
Graber Steel, 8528 N. 900E, Odon, IN 47562. Phone (812) 636-7733. Tell him you're my friend. Also, Dave Knepp's collar shop is right down the road - Best place to go for harnesses and collars. Either of these guys can UPS stuff out to you. Take care, Bob

Heather said...

It was great to meet you guys yesterday! Thank you so much for our prayer requests. Is it possible to add one more? My step-mom's sister lost her husband this past week after a 3 1/2 year battle with brain cancer. The funeral is today. I am sure the family could use some extra prayers to get through this difficult time.
My prayers go out to you for plenty of luck and safe travels as you continue your journey! Thanks again!