Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 56

Ok so here is the real deal with the DAY 55 blog. I started it before dinner...then when it was time to eat I set the laptop on the bed....Sugar Ray laid her head on it and ripped off 90 pages of X's that didn't show up on the page I was working from. (NO REALLY!!!) It's not a "The dog ate my homework" thing....this really happened. So when we opened it up tonight to start a new post all we saw was xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in yesterday's. We finally got them edited out and sorry for any inconvienence to any of you folks. Ya know I'm just not real "tech savvy".
   Day 56 still rollin' and still journalin'! Somethin' to be said for that I reckon. We traveled our 2 miles back to 231 after gettin' some assistance from Rob Jeffers to drag the wagon back up out of his back pasture where we camped last night. His 4 wheel drive truck did it a lot smoother than Bob & Casey would have. Steep hill and banked some. Thanks to Rob & Zachery (who hauled water for us last night...on his birthday!!!). And a big thanks to Mark New who found us on the road and hooked us up with his friends. If we could lift up Rob's employment situation to the Lord I surely would appreciate it. They are turning loose all the senior guys as they put in new automation and need fewer operators. Rob has 33 years he is not feeling real comfotable. Thanks for your hospitality folks. May God bless. And happy birthday the trucks.
   Rob & Mark are involved in a club that takes handicapped folks huntin'. I listened to some stories around the camp fire last night. What an outstanding org. (sorry can't remember the name). But they give these folks a chance to do what they only dreamed of doin' in their lives. The recipients have all different physical challenges and it would be impossible without their help. The recipients get dropped at a hotel for the weekend and everything is paid for and prearranged for them. All they have to do is show up and shoot. They even have a taxidermist who mounts what they charge. Great job fellows.
   Well today seemed to be casey's off day. She was stubborn all day. Just playing the fool. Wouldn't pull...dancin' around....spooked at every candybar wrapper on the road. Reminds me of some of the fellows I worked with in the past at the auto plants. Felt it was their right to show up to work...get paid...& not have to do a thing! chuckle-chuckle!! But she's my girl and she can have a bad day if she wants....once in a while!
   Other wise traffic was steady all day & lots of trucks. Bob startled on me a couple of times. But he had a good day. The lanes are wider on this HWY and they have a good shoulder to boot. Just that extra breathing room makes all the difference in the world to Bob. That's why we headed back east some to get this road. We had been on it earlier in the State and I liked it. Plus our friend Bob Skelding (the real wagonmaster) has traveled this hwy with his team in the past... and recommends it. And that goes a long ways with Deb & I. He has been a great mentor to us, and we are thankful for him.
   While traveling down 231 tonight looking and praying in a place to get off the road for the night...a Fox news car pulls up ahead and a couple of guys bail out and set up shop on the corner of a cross road. Oh boy!!! Those of you who know us know we never like that kinda attention. We like to just let God get the glory. But there we were. It's not like we could turn around...or out run them...and being saying "no" to an interview is pretty rude when the fellows chased up & down a hwy to find us. And being rude and doin' the Lords work are not really synonomous. So we plunged ahead...and met Ed & Jake. Ed was a reporter and Jake was his camera man. They were great. They are with Fox News out of Indianapolis. Jake was great entertainment chasing us down, running behind us, running alongside, hanging out his window while they were driving in front of us. It was good fun. I hope all comes out well after editing. The reporter Ed asks that we pray for his grand mother's health...and that the Lord keeps her strong. Jake asks that we pray for his Grandmother...she has trouble with her knees. Lets pray that God restores her knees and she has no pain in them!
   We met Howard and Bonnie Abston...they ask that we pray for their daughter who has walking pneumonia. And to please pray for their son-in-law who lost his Mom.
   Well that's it for tonight. it's late and I feel like an ol' coon dog looks. BEAT! Oh-oh-wait...Would you please pray for a new friend of ours Joel & Melinda...they are traveling with a wagon & team in Oklahama and are having big trouble with their mare, Ginger.
Thanks so much to all. May God' face smile upon you all & good night!


Diane Kennington said...

I read about both of you on fox 59 Indianapolis. I decided to mosey on over and read your latest blog entry. I will keep those you listed in my prayers. I don't want to burden you with my troubles but if you could keep me and my family in your prayers too I would appreciate it. I hope God lets you find what he has planned for you soon and that the road ahead will not be too long and tedious.

Erin said...

Do you think you'll be going through loogootee? 231 goes right thro there.

Anonymous said...

are ya'll coming to Tx :) we are not far from Oklahoma

lisa said...

I read your story today on fox 59, and it touched my heart..I dont have money to offer you guys, but me and my 5 children would like to offer you guys a place to stay until your able to get on your feet..we do live in town, but i have family in the country that im sure would help care for your horses..We dont have much to offer, but willing to share everything we have..The nights are getting colder and i dont want you guys getting number is 812-340-6587 my name is lisa, feel free to call anytime day or night..I envy you guys for doing what you have done, its takes pure faith to do it!Im a strong believer in God and we are all his children and should help each other..please dont hesitate to call..God Bless

Quaker Trace Carriage Co. said...

Good Morning. We saw your story on Fox 59. I wish we knew the route you are taking. We have a tourist home in Wayne County and we are offering you a night with a warm bed, showers, and stabling for your horses. You may stay there for free as we are not booked for this week. The tourist home is a former 1866 Quaker Parsonage which is adjacent to a 1858 Quaker Meeting House. We leaped out on faith ourselves and are trying to sustain this property by using it's own assets. The property is used to "faith-leapers", the Underground Railroad brought many refugees in the late 1800's. Blessings to you, we are located one mile south of Fountain City, IN, our number is 765-874-1649. Bless you.
Chris & Lisa Allen

Anonymous said...

I heard your story on Fox 59, then read your blog. I see your traveling down 231, which comes right to me, as I live near Worthington, and Bloomfield. I want to help you in some ways. I am a farrier and would like to offer to re-shoe your horses at no cost to you. If i can be of service to you, please let me know what size they take, and I'll have some with driltex ready to be put on your horses. God Bless, and be safe in your journy. You can call me at (812) 296-1533. I have truck with tools and can drive to you.

Anonymous said...

Love your story. Don't know where you are today, but we live in Brownsburg IN and have a large horse farm. If you would like to stop and stay with us, please let us know! 317-869-6394. God Bless

Anonymous said...


Rick C. Hodgin said...

Would like to come talk to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for praying for my father he is home now!! Jeramiah cummings.

Bob Skelding said...

Hi Mark and Deb,

About a day and a half south of Cloverdale, on US-231, you'll come to the small Amish settlement of Farmers (on the west side of the highway). Last time I was through there, I stayed with Ed, the owner of Premier Harness Shop. He can make repairs for you. Also, John Lehman is just down the road - he's an excellent farrier. Richard is the owner of an Amish grocery store, about a mile past the turn off to the harness shop on 231 - well worth visiting.
It sounds like you're having fun. Take care, Bob

Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to thank you for praying with my son Jeramiah. His dad Larry had a heart attack and it has been difficult on us all. He's doing much better, our prayers are being answered. Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for calling channel 59 Fox about you guys, but I couldn't stand for your good works to go unreported. There is so much bad in the news, I knew this would lift the hearts of many and bring forth faith. Thanks again.

Mirage Gal said...

Hello, a farrier friend of mine just shared your story with me. I noticed she has already posted here offering her services free of charge. I'm sure it would be a great blessing to her if you choose to accept. ;-)

I am commenting here because I would like to offer you a Thanksgiving Dinner if you are in our area on Saturday the 26th.

I am cooking a large dinner at a Horse Campground in Paoli Indiana and would LOVE for you to attend. We would be happy to provide you with warm shelter for you and your horses, good food, and good company!!!

If you are not traveling that direction we would be over joyed to be able to help you in any other way on your travel. So if there is anything you need at all that we could supply you with for yourselves or for your horses please contact us by e-mail or phone!

812-699-0241 (shannon)
812-296-1533 (marsan) (Free Farrier)

Thank you so much for sharing your story of faith and may God bless you and keep you safe on your journey!!!!