Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 45

Bacon & eggs for breakfast. Doesn't get any better than that! Thanks to the Roeders! Thanks for helping to get hay and for taking such good care of us. May the Lord bless you richly. You know Gary you have a great testimony and sure would like to share it as an inspiration to others. So if you would like to email it to me and you feel this is the proper venue for it, I will put it on our blog. We met Don's Mom & Dad this morning nice folks. We ask that you hold Gary's mom up in prayer...she had to sell her home before she lost it.

So we headed down US 231 today. Great hwy. Two lanes...nice wide lanes, Saturday traffic was light. Bob handled the trucks very well. I think because he had a little more space. Plus we switched to nothing but a grass hay and just oats. No more sweet feed or alfalpha. Seems to agree with his disposition much better. But 231 heads straight into Lafayette so we are skirtting that and West Lafayette. So once we are south of them I think we will pick it back up again.

I gotta tell ya a story we have seen over & over in this area of Indiana. We had a gentleman stop in front of us and ask if had a minute to talk. We said "sure-that's why we are out here". We talked for a long time. His name is John Haan, and he is the 7th generation in his family farming this land. He said they are farming 7,000 acres. (yikes). Every generation they added more kids & land to the business. We thought we were surrounded by corporate farms. But that's not the case. They just got bigger...but they are still family farms. (7th cool is that?) John had his 93 year old Dad with him. He said his Dad drives them (him and his brother) out a cold drink everyday to the field...just to make sure they're doing things right. He smiled and laughed the whole time we spoke. You could just tell he was happy & enjoyed life. And we have met lots of folks just like him. And a lot of familys all living within 2 miles of each other. Just good American stuff in the heartland of America. It is still matter what they tell you on the news. John did not have a specific prayer request... he said he just so thankfull that his family is healthy.

We met John and Janet along the rode today. They were driving around looking for some cool opportunities for pictures. They found it today! They had good fun. Janet asks that we pray for her parents and brother to become believers. (my favorite unselfish on her part...but requested with such courage and love). It was our pleasure meeting you Janet.

Gabe asks that we pray for his cousin Katie's husband Rick, he under going Chemo in Iowa.

Diane asks that we pray for her...but nothing let's just hold her up to the Lord. He knows what she needs.And Tammy Stoltz just asks for prayers for us to be safe.
That's it for tonight folks. We are on battery power so I need to shut it down. God's grace & love be upon each of you. Remember to celebrate the Lords day tomorrow. And turn your clocks back if that applies!!
Tammy also helped us get settled for the night.  Thanks so much!  She brought water and some food and will be back in the morning.  So, it's not too big of a surprise that she heard about us from her friend Gina!  The same Gina Culver that we met up by Chalmers!  Again... small world.  Cool.
I forgot to mention something  from the Perry family stay!  Haley (Boots) asked her dad if it would be okay to make us a snack bag.  He told her sure and we surely were enjoying that today!!!  Thanks so much Haley!  Bless you for thinking of us!
Ok.  That should be it for the night!
God bless to all!  Sometimes I can't help but think about the great things that the Lord will do for all these people that bless us and the ones that add prayer requests.  We can do an aweful lot of good by praying for the same people the same requests!  We just keep knocking!  AND THERE ARE SURE MORE THAN TWO OF US PRAYING!  Great stuff!!
ok... good night!


cowboybob813 said...

Well today we should enter Illinois near Leesville We are way north of you heading west Hope to get across to Iowa or Missouri then turn south Hoping God gives US a couple more weeks of weather We take back roads and only skirt major roads when needed to If Bob is still nervous in traffic now after all your miles there has to be some other cause Our horses have already seen it all but still have the occasional startle I think you should try cruising the real back roads give him a ten car day You can still meet a lot of nice real people on the back roads It's also easier to stop and talk with out the traffic

stop an talk with our the traffic

cowboybob813 said...

If you have a phone our number is 231-557-3028 we are always here to help if we don't have the answer we know someone that will God Bless and safe travels