Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 66

This morning we headed out from Lyons, IN.  We had been staying with Jim & Jane Elliott.  Jim really needs some serious prayer for his health.  He needs a healing for his heart and kidneys!  God's will for him.
We had good travel with light traffic and just a few sprinkles most of the time.  A little harder rain down the road a piece.  We were going to go to Marsan's moms house just east of Newberry but didn't make it there.  Bob really does alot better on the small hwys.  Seems the traffic keeps him focused better.  If that makes any sense?  Anyway, it will add a few miles if that is our final decision.
We landed at Joyce Hasler's house just south of town (Newberry) on 57.  Her pastor and his daughter came out to see us and we had a great chat.
Before we even left the Elliotts' their neighbor, Dixie Collins, came over to check out the wagon.  She said her dad (93 yrs old) would love it!  She also asked for prayer for her husband, for him to give up smoking.
Theresa and her grandson Bryar also stopped to check us out.  We saw them again in town taking pictures!
Before we got to town, we met Jason Jeffers.  We had a nice talk with him.  His request for prayer was for direction and discernment in his employment.  He has a very unique job and is thinking that he could maybe do better, ethics wise, for himself and his 5 yr old daughter.
As we got closer to Newberry, we met Aaron Berg.  We can all pray for that family with their brand new baby girl!  They are so happy and excited!  Congratulations and enjoy her!
We pulled over in town and met ALOT of folks.  We talked to the Henry's with one Pickett along.  Ms. Pickett asked for prayers for her grandpa. He is 91 and has some health problems.
John, Sam, Stacee, and Kayla just came to see the horses and wagon.  If they had a request, it would be for peace of mind.
Joyce Hasler (host) just prays for our safe journey. 
Joyce also has friends from church, Steve & Sue Warren, they are requesting prayer for their ministry with children.  They take in foster children and I know that THAT in itself is VERY hard!  Our prayers are with you and the children.
So that was our day.  The minute we pulled in, we got rained on!  But only for about 10 minutes.  Watching the weather for tonight and tomorrow.  They say it's going to turn bad!  We'll see.
Jeanne Smith...Thank you so much!
Rachel...Not so sure about the Evansville thing!  But thank you!
Joan...We should be going there tomorrow, weather permitting.  Bad travel. 
So, I thank you, again, for sticking with us!  God bless and we"ll talk again tomorrow!


Rach said...

You are welcome if you are close maybe there would be a chance for dinner?
You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope the weather won't turn bad on you.

joan said...

Oh i hope i get to meet you and your horses. I missed my chance to meet Bob Skelding and his horses. Be careful. It is raining this morning. Where will you be in Odon? With the rain today, i guess it may be monday before you get here. Ihave to work till 4. I know I am rambling but I am excited. I actually live in Washington which is on 57 south of Elnora.