Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 68

Hi everyone!
We're still here in Newberry!  Rain, rain, and MORE rain!!  It's STILL raining!  And going to rain more tomorrow!  We got up this morning with a plan to head out.  That didn't happen.  We, instead, got some good shopping done!  Joyce took us into Odon and all the Amish places we needed to go.  We went to Vernon Graber's feed & grain store, where we bought some necessities and left with a gift of 4 bags of feed! Next, Nick Graber's steel shop, which is where Bob the wagon teamster sent us.  We told him that Bob sent us from MI and we got the full tour of his steel and fabricating shop!  Very awesome!  BTW, Bob, Nick says HEY! He'll call you soon. Then off to Ora Knepp's harness shop!  Bought a blanket and left our gear for repairs.  Well, not so much repairs as modifications.  Switching out the nylon tugs for bio, new front clips, and reinforcement of  the hames strap!  We had lunch at Odon Essen Restaurant (also Amish and a  BUFFET!!!!)  mmmmmmmmmmm, and hit a hardware store!  We had to go to the hardware store because Mark accidentally broke a piece of the shower when he was showering!  Had to INSIST on buying the piece.  Joyce is very giving and was going to buy that herself too!  So, that's all fixed and works fine.  I tried it out myself to make sure ;)
  The plan is to use the things tomorrow that we bought today for all the fixes we needed.  Another rain day!  Not even going to try to move.  PLUS...snow???? I'm just rebuking THAT nonsense!
 Anyway, todays trip saved three or four days of traveling to and around Odon.  Good trade!  Two days of shopping and work in exchange for 3 - 4 days of travel plus the time to do the repairs when we got it all bought!  And better still, the horses get to rest and eat!!Weather says Wed, Thurs, Fri, & Sat are all clear!  We'll be back at it then!
Sooooooo...this prayer thing...We communicate with a couple of other wagon travelers.  Last night, one was down!  His best friend/his horse couldn't hardly pull up small hills and, just something was wrong!  So we all put our contacts and heads together to find someone in OK. (thats where he is).  We prayed for J & M and their safety and help for them. We knew of a wagon heading there and were able to contact him.  He was sure they could pull something together to help.  Well, thank you CB!  Before he could...Someone sent a vet that found an infection and fixed that horse up really good for free!!  He will also be in a new wagon (with brakes) next week! that one awesome God or what?!?!  See, if we just trust Him, everything will work out fine and every single need will be met!  We love to give praise reports!!
That's about it for tonight!  We had a great and blessed day!  Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!  Til then...God bless and remember to say your prayers!  God's got all of our backs!
Rachel...we're watching the weather closely. We may have changed our route to come straight through Evansville!  We'll be on 57 for a bit!
Crickette...Thats awesome!


Rach said...

Would be great if you came through Evansville. I have been keeping up with you on your blogs and on the map... the best that I can with the changes. Glad that you got some shopping done that always helps things out.
Prayers and thoughts are with you.
Good night,

Jaime said...

Wow! Just so amazed at the provision He makes! It makes me many times do I panick or freak out about something that He can easily do through the prayers of a few! Thank God! Anyways, love you's and so thankful you are doing great. Shining lights! <3

Jaime said...


Terri said...

Isn't it wonderful how prayers get answered? Keep up the good work! Sounds like things are going well and you are blessed. You touch so many and prayers from all over are answered. So Wonderful!

Rach said...

Well, we have snow today. I also know that in the south they have snow as well. Not sure how far north it is right now. It also has started to snow in Bloomington as well. Hope that you have had a good day today. Look forward to hearing about your day.