Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 57 with link

   Evening Folks. The above link was our interview with fox news. The fellows did a nice job, and we're thankful for it. We picked up some followers and got some great encouragement. Deb will answer all comments later.
   Hitched up this morning after a good nights sleep. I got up about 7:30 but couldn't seem to drag my fat self outta the nice warm bed until 8:00. There was plenty of ice to break on the buckets this AM! Punkin was playing' footsie with Casey this morning. Who do you think won that one? Yup A bigger foot and almost one ton on top of it, will win every time. Deb was walking Casey up to get hitched this morning, walking backwards facing the horse...and Casey stepped on the toes of her foot. What scared me was that Deb fell straight backwards and hollered my name. When I looked over My Punkin was on her butt and Casey standing over the top of her. But she never let go of the lead rope so I grabbed it and backed her up a step. Punkin's toes have survived. Thank God for soft ground.
   So lots of very cool stuff down 231 today as we neared Greencastle. It was strange animal day. First was the elk farm. Very cool place...unfortunately it is for sale and was pretty deserted. At least what we could see from the road. There was one grand elk standing in a pen. Bob didn't seem to care...trucks were keepin' him busy. Then we passed a buffalo farm. Sure was cool to see the big shaggy's out in a pasture. I can only imagine seein' thousands of them grazin'...what a sight that musta been! They didn't come to the fence which surprised me because I hear they are very curiois animals. Maybe he had him fenced off from the road...I was drivin' in traffic so I couldn't pay that much attention.
   Then we got to tonights resting spot. We are at THE LITTLE DUDE RANCH.They have miniature horses they sell and trade. And all kinds of exotic animals. They also run an aution house I believe. We haven't had the opportunity to meet the owner, Ty Southerlin, yet (we will in the morning). Anyway more on this ranch tomorrow. The other animal Bob & Casey met today was a 17year old chimpanzee....who doesn't like horses! We drive around the edge of barn and hear all kinds of cage rattlin' and screamin'...Bob goes into instant panic. Lucky he had 10 plus miles on him cuz he was all I could handle. Thank God for two reigns and 2 brakes. I don't know how I got them away from there without losin' a horse or have a run away wagon. I held the wagon still waiting for him to calm...wasn't happenin'! Nor was this full grown HUGE (Deb told me it was a gorrilla) chimp calming. He stands all of 5ft plus. So we eased away as slow as I could with 2 frantic horses. UNbelievable!!!Of all the things for us to run into!!!! There is just no dull moment on this trip! Of course as soon as I had the horses fed and watered (which was easy thanks to Ethan Woods) I hadda go visit this Chimpanzee. He took to me better than he took to Bob & Casey and was fun to talk with. I watched Ethan give him his dinner. He had a couple of burritos and some fried potatoes (with ketchup of course) and some fruit. Couple of glasses of water. He eats whatever everyone in the family eats. Seems Ty has had him since he was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. Very cool stuff.!
Well enough of the adventure and onto our important stuff...prayers and people in need...Punkins' turn to write my fingers are no longer listening to my brain...or visa-versa...snicker-snicker!! Good night folks...thanks for all....Here's Deb...
Today we met Crystal, very briefly in aLOT of traffic, She lost her dad last may is still have a very hard time.  I think we should pray for peace in her heart and acceptance.
Then we met Danny & Gwen Sapp.  Gwen asks for prayer to bring her family back to church.
Merlin Masterberger prays for someone with intelligence and a Godly heart to get in Washington...amen.
Barbara Roosevelt has a sick friend, Peggy, that needs a healing and her health.  And for peace.
We are also asking for prayer for Ty Southelin for a total healing from cancer.  Surgery is Dec. 16th.
So, our little T.V. appearance brought us lots of new pray-ers and friends.  Thanks to God!  When I told our friend Tammy that we were interviewed she said, God will use that.  And He did!
Anon farrier...Thanks so much. I'll look at the old map and see where you are from us.
Anon horse farm...thank you for the wonderful offer.
Anon...Thank you
Anon...You're welcome.  Glory to God!
Anon...Thank you and ditto on the high five!
Diane Kennington...we will pray for you and your family and thank you.
Erin...then...yup're welcome and thank you
Lisa...Thank you sooooo much, but, the mission isn't over until God says it is. And bless your heart!
Cathy Delacruz...Thank you
Faith Green...Thank you
Chris & Lisa Allen...Awesome offer! I'll check my map.  Thanks so much!
Great Grandpa 13...Thank you
Candace Brandt...Thanks so much
Rick Hodgin...we will be on 231 south.  That is one vivid vision!  We aren't there yet but perhaps we can help to prepare the way!!
Jeramiah Cummings...You're welcome and God bless
Bob Skelding...Got it! Thanks
Kari...Thanks. The outcome was overwhelming.  So much encouragement!
Mirage Gal...I'll check my map, thanks so much!
OK.  I think I read them all and I hope I didn't miss any one of you because you have so much encouraged us so that we can continue on.  We love to hear from everybody!  We just hope that we can be a blessing as we go along.  And let God get the glory!!  We are just His servants.
Thanks so much to all.  Keep praying!  Keep believing!
God bless and good night!


Ray Ray said...

I recently hear about you on fox 59. I would love to talk more.
Please e-mail me at,
Thank you,
Rachel Boyer

DarkneZZ said...

You folks are awesome. God bless.

Terri said...

Good to "see" you again.So glad to hear that Deb is OK. It is good to know that Casey had her brain going and didn't decide to run Deb over. Good horse. As always you are doing such wonderful work and touching so many. You two are the best!

Jolie said...

Howdy and greetings from central IL! I caught whiff of your story via a friend on Facebook...who happened to share the Fox59 news link. I'm a Hoosier and I just had to read this. What a WONDERFUL blog read! I DO NOT read blogs as I have a hard time following them, but, I have to say, I had to start from the very beginning of this and have been thoroughly enjoying your blogging of a ministery on a mission. It is so heartwarming to read about what you do and the people you meet. There really is an America under all the materialism and commercialism out there. Godspeed and God Bless you two and safe journeys to your destination or destinations. God is good all the time...all the time, God is good!

Andi said...

I have so much respect and admiration for you and your faithfulness! I learned of your journey and this blog through Fox59. We aren't too far from Greencastle...I'd love to find you if your path takes you near our area! Thank you for being a light to so many and for bringing prayer requests to so many through your blog! I will continue to follow your postings and join you in prayer for those you meet daily! Safe travels and may God bless you!!

Rick C. Hodgin said...

I have finally caught up reading the blog. Just so amazing the lives you're touching. A blessing to so many people in need. God bless, and Godspeed Mark and Deb!