Monday, October 31, 2011

DAY 40!!!!

Well, here we are...40 days!  Started out with breakfast with Betty Doll!  We met her son, Glen, and his wife, Bobby. Plus one grand daughter and 2 great grand children! We pray for blessings on that family! Betty is 85 yrs old and you'ld never guess it!  So we'll also pray for her continued good health! And thanks, Bobby, for the great pictures!
We had to do a minor repair this morning on our ladder. Mark pulled in the driveway last night to get the horses off the highway and forgot that when I walked to the house I left it down. Oh well.  It needed strudying up anyway.
We actually got our 1st 2 requests this morning by phone!
Stephanie needs prayer to help get her through this time in a shelter without her children.
And Linda P. will have to move with her 2 boys as they cant afford to stay in their home any longer.  She needs a job!!! Michigan is rough!
We met Tina Hunt.  She would like prayer for her husband and son who both have had a bout with cancer. She asks for them to stay healthy!  So, we'll also pray for her continued strength, courage and faith.
Mattix just thanks God for helping her family through sickness, having food, clothing, and shelter everyday.
George has a friend that lost his son to cancer and is now battling bladder cancer himself.  He needs prayer!
Jan McClain would like good health!
Then we met Chad Husted...with his camera!  He was from the Monticello paper.  Somebody called him and told him a caravan was coming through!  HaHa...just us.  He would like prayer for David who just had his 1st born and is soooo excited!  Has a job to pay the bills but Chad is praying for him to prosper!
Lots of pictures today.  We are south of Buffalo and just north of Monticello for the night.
 Marsha Geier met us at the road and invited us in.  We are way out in back by the pond!  So, today, God set us in the middle of his beauty!  Awesome little secluded spot. So thanks and blessings to Bill and Marsha Geier of Geier Excavating.
That's about it for this 40th day.
Shannon...Thanks so much for your encouragment!  You tell Dawsen I gave them each 2 squeezes from him! so cute
Thanks to International Penecostal for the great blessing! Greatly appreciated!
God bless to all and good night once again!


Elsie Leach said...

I have been following your blog for a while. I am praying for you to make it south before the snow comes!Im also praying for the people you mention! Are you going to be near Arizona?

Terri said...

Every day I read this and every day I am so blessed by the work you are doing. You both are just wonderful! I cannot even imagine how many prayers are going out to those you touch. Keep up the great work!